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Name: Dispatcher
Employed as: Train Dispatcher, for 10-20 years
Posted: 12 March 2017

Dispatchers haven't been put on a point system YET.  I'm sure our
union will bend over and take it up the ass as soon as the company
decides they want us on one.  

Currently if we mark off twice in a 28 day period we get a letter.  One
letter is OK, a second letter is OK, third letter is an investigation. 
1st investigation is 2 days overhead for 6 months. 2nd investigation is
5 days OOS.  3rd you are gone. 

180 days without an incident drops a letter, but that doesn't apply
once you hit the disciplinary stages just for the first two. 

I've heard of very few dispatchers that ever got past the 2nd letter. 
So I certainly expect a point system similar to the clerks soon so they
can start canning dispatchers.

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