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Name: 6moremonths
Employed as: Locomotive Engineer, for 30+ years
Posted: 10 February 2018


I don't have fmla and hope I'll never will need it. 

Your statement is partially correct but how is someone who has a
certification by a health care provider.  That lays off on federally
protected UNPAID leave living off someone else.  Fmla is far from
welfare these men and women are not getting paid.  I seriously doubt a
licensed health care provider is going to falsify a certification and
place their license in jeopardy. 

I for one don't care If  one works or doesn't work.  I've always
made  about the same and have worked about the same.   I also believe
that those on fmla, displaced,union, sick, or whatever keep the junior
man working.  If or when csx finds X amount of people to marry the
railroad there will be massive layoffs.

Do you know what 2 men working 60hrs a week equals?
1 U.S Job loss.

Sue the hell out of them boys.  Include all supervisors has

also for those that don't know this site is CSX SUCKS not CSX

don't click here