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Posted: 01 November 2017

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Posted: 01 November 2017

Dear Monitor,

The Chief doesn't update train schedules. The computer does that or
Jax not closing out old profiles. Only trains ordered to be called by
the chief show in ur lineups as ordered. And they don't have
machines to leave a message. Lol.

JAX being net ops, NOT crew management.  Callers can go in and
"delete" anything from the line up but if its still a profiled train
the system will regenerate it automatically; no matter how many times
its deleted.  The train must be annulled for it to drop from the line
up I believe.  Crew cannot annul any trains, only call with the
authorizations given on a train. Some- not all callers should be able
to explain this.  Many new callers with minimal training working at
Crew now, so answers may vary depending on your caller

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