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Employed as: Conductor, for 1-10 years
Posted: 27 June 2020

Dear csx,
  Us furloughed employees aren't coming back early. Minus the few
retards that are in debt over their head of course. We will take our
chance of not getting paid. Thats the culture you have created. A
culture that roots for your failure.. Loves watching your trainmasters
run around lost and confused and stress out. Their health cant be
good.. Things got slow, so lets charge guys in mass numbers because we
can afford to. Lets lay off im mass numbers cut jobs that didn't need
cut. Then Things snap back and get busy as hell and now you want your
people to rush back.. Man that karma will get you every time.. 

Stop calling , texting and emailing us. Send the damn letter and we'll
report 14 days from there.

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