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Employed as: APE, for 20-30 years
Posted: 13 April 2017

In re clerks in Jax I wonder if CMC managers will stay until the system
is fully automated. I read about a start up that created an automated
human sounding interactive system that would rather realistically,
using AI, replace a call center in Bangalore or Cebu City and interact
with customers. That would be great at CSX as the people calling in are
not customers, but rather mere employees, and CSX for years have called
people on rest, for jobs not qualified for, and territory they can't
work. Only a certain number of questions are likely to exist: "I'm
not qualified" I am on FMLA. I am not qualified on that territory, I
marked off red block, etc. A better question is how do the former
Hunter RR'S handle it, and what protections exist in Canadian law that
changes things? Especially as Jax may not exist for too much longer,
shedding employees as soon as possible could be very economical. I
would also look at the TCU, and see how aggressive they are in
defending any agreement for clerks.

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