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Name: MF Conductor 
Employed as: Conductor, for 10-20 years
Posted: 08 October 2018

This company is the worst place I have ever worked for.  CSX breeds an
environment of fear and loathing.  The employee doesn’t matter, you are
just a hinderance to CSX making money.  CEOs and stockholders read this?
 So what!  Theu give a rats ass even less than corporate.  If you don’t
curse we will be taken more seriously?  Get real.  No one on here will
be taken seriously.  Never have been bro.  This site is an outlet, to
vent and comisserate.  Nothing more.  I have $43,000 in claims not paid
bu CSX.  “Now” they are gonna take us serious?  Funny.  Look, if you are
a CEO or investor in CSX, you are worrhless and you have no honor or
ethical base.  Soon, you will know my name, but by then you will have
permission to kiss my rear end.  Corporate is very lucky there has not
been a national incident yet.  Your employees are way past pissed off
about being treated as garbage.  The most dangerous man in the world is
the one whom has nothing left to lose.  Have a nice day.

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