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Employed as: Conductor, for 10-20 years
Posted: 11 October 2018

trainmasters going around telling everyone that this regime is no joke,
they will make sure these plans work.  1 hour depart times, meet and
turn, etc.. Did we get a new regime? we're talking about the same
regime that failed at block swapping, shut yards down just to open them
back up ( not all but Nashville, Avon ) etc. Closed the Engine house
down in avon, its opening back up now.. what happen to that plan? and
this morning was laughable. I dont know if one train made it out within
3 hours, some 6 hours, and i think one road train was re crewed in the
yard...  They are so short handed on power and depend on in bound
power. If one thing goes wrong they are doomed for hours. Another
jackass trying to re invent the wheel..

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