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Name: Tellthetruth
Employed as: Locomotive Engineer, for 20-30 years
Posted: 03 August 2017

Thank you SMART-TD General Chairmen for sticking up for us!!!!

Mr. E. Hunter Harrison
President and Chief Executive Officer
CSX Transportation, Inc.
500 Water Street
Jacksonville, FL 32202

Dear Mr. Harrison,
The undersigned General Chairmen are deeply disturbed by comments you
made to CSX customers in a letter, widely distributed in the media,
pertaining to the “push back” and “resistance” of employees that you
allege are the root of service disruptions. Although your accusations
did not specify labor at the ballast level, the impression is that
contract labor is responsible for the service disruptions.

The Organization refuses to accept responsibility for service
disruptions that negatively affect the customers when we have no input
on operational changes. We receive minimal and, in most cases, no
communication from any department about the significant changes being
implemented almost daily. We have a proven track record in this
industry for promoting changes that benefit our members and the
company. The undersigned have repeatedly requested to be involved in
the “new plan”, but have been ignored. If you recall, our support and
advice was offered directly to you on the conference call held May 12,

Our members, the ballast line employees, rightfully take your comments
as a personal attack on their professionalism. Your letter was a kick
to the gut and a severe blow to their morale. They have worked through
numerous operational challenges and changes to their work routines.
Despite harsh treatment, furloughs and repeated violations of their
collective bargaining agreements, it has not deterred the employees
from fulfilling their duties. If anything, our members are “pushing
forward” even though management is providing limited guidance and

As a reminder, our members are dedicated career employees and also
stockholders with a vested interest in the direction of the company. To
suggest contract employees would intentionally disrupt operations
misleads the general public and insults the integrity of our crafts.
This Organization will not allow our members to serve as an excuse for
management’s inability to communicate and execute your ‘precision
scheduled railroading’.

In the future, alleged issues related to the performance of labor
should be addressed with the undersigned General Chairmen.

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