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Employed as: APE, for 20-30 years
Posted: 01 March 2017

well, I hope they don't give Harrison 300 million to chop CSX. I am
sure he can do his job for far less, and given stock interests and (I
assume) his interest in his historical record, I suspect he would do it
for free. Think of Herbert Hoover and the public service works he did,
restoring his reputation. HOWEVER, consider the current CSX management.
Lots of nepotism, poor performers at all levels, effort put on craft
employees to subsidize the ineptness of management, with good bonuses
to higher managers who cannot manage ANYTHING properly.This has been in
effect an Appalachian family business with "family and kinfolk"
standards. Keep current management and CSX just sinks more slowly,
until all the loser management groups and cronies leave. Since they all
have families needing jobs, that could take forever. Best
solution.....give Bill Gates a big model RR with all cars painted CSX,
and hope he buys the REAL CSX for a year or two and straighten it out
(invite his dear friend Warren to run trains every Friday night..put
remote dispatch centers / simulators in Omaha and Seattle, invite
friends (Paul Allen?)to join in and make the system normal. Maybe even
Fix PTC that is going soooo slowly.

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