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Employed as: APE, for 20-30 years
Posted: 18 June 2017

sure, you have veterans, E-5's, even O-3's, one E-9 that I know of,
along with people with real degree's from real colleges. BUT, they are
all threats to every level of management. If, as example, you have
extensive haz mat training and experience (i.e. military and now RR
background) your duty will be to speak only when spoken to, and Report
To Proper Authority as ordered, while every often inexperienced manager
will be Awaiting Further Instructions from Higher Authority, milling
around with other managers, hoping nothing incredible will happen
before Uncle Billy gets back from vacation and has arrived to ask HIS
superior and cousin from West Virginia how to fuzz the incident out
until it is forgotten. There is A LOT on the RR that could be done by
an E-5 over 4 that instead is kicked up to a division superintendent
who flunked his enlistment exam and became a RR manager instead. They
had to hire EHH to replace the E-5, because they can't dare hire an
E-5 to do it. Me, I always said give Bill Gates a train set for free,
and if he was interested he could run CSX as a hobby. So could Jeff
Bezos or Elon Musk. THEN the stock would really go up!

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