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Name: A Dispatcher
Employed as: Train Dispatcher, for 10-20 years
Posted: 05 August 2017

The company moving all the dispatchers back to Jax is going about as
smooth as everything ole HH is changing.  

I think they finally realized there are a lot more of us that aren't
moving down than they expected.  

Friday they contacted all 30 of the Huntington dispatchers that got
screwed over last year when they killed the division and asked if they
would be interested in coming back to dispatching.   Apparently each of
them in their own creative way told them NO.

Well the moves start on September 1st, although no one actually knows
who is supposed to show up that day because the company refuses to talk
to the union about it. 
So expect your dispatching to go downhill here soon.  You'll have a
bunch of people scrambling to be trained on desks  they've never
worked before.  And sometime soon they'll have to be a large influx of
brand new dispatchers hired and trained...  And we all know how much fun
that is

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