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Employed as: APE, for 20-30 years
Posted: 04 March 2017

well, sorry about your loss, working in IT in JAX. I will say that
office job in HQ is much different than people in the field, esp. in
transportation. You probably have a modicum of respect from your
supervisors, who may realize that you have skills that are hard to
rapidly replace. You have a schedule. You are encouraged and permitted
to use tuition assistance to upgrade your career.(handy if you need to
job hunt!).You can be treated with respect like an intelligent person.
Your supervisors may even be intelligent! Our often low IQ supervisors
(frequently kinfolk from the same holler) are encouraged and often
required to discipline and suspend people to encourage a hostile work
environment. They view employees as unwashed rabble that are grossly
overpaid and under punished. If a supervisor is halfway decent the next
higher level manager will make him regret it. You will NOT be permitted
to get tuition assistance, nor allowed to take a v day for tests, etc.
You better not go to the doctor, and CERTAINLY not participate in
family or community affairs. Conrail had a corporate giving program of
value, CSX has a program only of value to high end executives.Who wants
to "voluntarily" participate in that silly tree program on your day
off? Again, a world of difference. EHH may well intend to gut the
company but people in the field rarely see that as different from
current managers. And, realistically, many minorities in the field get
hit as bad or worse. Again, HQ vs. field. Wonder iF EHH has his own
hillbilly crew?

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