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Employed as: APE, for 1-10 years
Posted: 31 October 2017

How much money did csx waste building north baltimore..... $175
million,...hunters 300 million dollars to run the railroad (that
includes hunters cp buyout..... $84 million) plus let's say another 25
million (conservertly) to hire all of his ex cn Minions plus buy outs
for ex csx managers and bosses (Michael ward). 500 million dollars.....
a half of trillion??? Congratulations to the csx board of directors,
your greed got you hunter harrison  (after 9 months he shaved off 9
tenths of 1 point off the operating ratio..... buy the way Jim squires
of the NS got there operating ratio lower then csx's already) and your
in the whole only 500 million dollars!

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