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Employed as: APE, for 20-30 years
Posted: 17 June 2017

            Kill the up and comers? What up and comers? If you are a
manager or potential manager you need to be both non-threatening (often
slow witted) and be related to the in group. Young, smart, ambitious are
NOT welcomed in management here or most railroads. The smart, innovative
hot shot with a real MBA will soon be gone, unless he is an undercover
railfan, in which case he will stay in the ranks and propose NOTHING,
just watching trains and collecting money and seniority. Example: EHH
is planning massive pools where everybody is qualified everywhere. For
many folks in the very recent past, that would mean constant calls all
night to explain you weren't qualified, on rest, etc. For EHH to do
this means he is NOT using any current management. The fact stock has
shot up means investors believe he is the very rare manager that can
and will do something other than stumble and snooze. He is doing it in
a very harsh manner, of course, but the others? can't do it at all. 88
mil.bonus for a dying man? That means he is very rare. I'm sure many
people can remember improvements / changes that were botched,
retracted, left in a steaming pile on the road. EHH is selling "get er
done", for better or worse.

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