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Name: Ben Dover
Employed as: Employed in other capacity, for 10-20 years
Posted: 08 February 2020

No the yard masters are not getting bought out, no the yard masters
aren't being made a management position.

Whatís happening is the FRA is about to make them HOS employees since
they are responsible for movement of trains similar to how dispatchers
are HOS.  

What is going to happen is the YMs will be consolidated even further
than they are now.  Think like that old Huntington division YMs where
they are in one office and each guy handles multiple yards.  Expect to
see similar things happen all across the system.  There will still be a
few yards where you will have YMs at the yard, but those will be few and
far between.  

So if you are a current yard master, get ready to move or hope youíve
got seniority to go back on the ground.   And donít expect much
Monetary  help moving, just ask the dispatchers how their move to Jax
worked out for them.

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