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Name: GJW
Employed as: Other, non-employee, for N/A
Posted: 15 April 2018

I was a Bridge Tender who saved a CSX railroad bridge from total fire
destruction, on a heavily traveled mainline to Tampa. I had worked in
other positions, Train Dispatch, Station Agent, etc, with a northern
railroad before I took a merger buyoff.

This was January, 2001, near Jacksonville. I was "God" for about 24
hours with trash talk of praise, etc. I got nothing... I developed
blood clots as a Tender and had to take blood thinners. I was told I
wasn't allowed to work
due to the medicine. I wasn't offered any other positions or transfer.
Guess what? They held a investigation for absenteeism and I got
dismissal. Only to be sold out by BMW Union and CSX. I lost everything
I owned and was homeless. What thanks.....

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