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Employed as: APE, for 20-30 years
Posted: 18 March 2017

It seems many people don't understand what (IMHO) is the real
motivation behind Hunter's program. This guy started as a car
inspector. I doubt traditional management thought much of him. (Do they
show respect for any agreement employee?)There used to be a Railroad
President with initials EHH (Harriman) a national big shot widely
admired by the public, when RR presidents were in the national news,
like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are today. Current RR presidents (and
other managers) are relative nobodies making a comfortable living in
obscurity. Yet Hunter gets national news, discussion, admiration. He is
changing the RR industry. As an older, sick man does he need to spend
his last years getting yet another bag of money? No, money is like
points in a basketball game. The points prove you are the best coach.
You are the NEW EHH for the 21st century. Nobody really cares what
presidents of BNSF, NS, Warren Buffet, etc. are doing. Everybody cares
about what our EHH does. He is spending what little time remains in his
life to prove he is the best. And, realistically, would his health
permit him to race Porsches, have teen age mistresses, ride his horses?
He has a goal, and we are just in his way. Think of Schumpeter and the
Theory of Creative Destruction. Just my humble opinion.

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