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Name: been almost 10 years gone now!
Employed as: Conductor, for 30+ years
Posted: 05 January 2021

after reading a few posts in here ! do you really think csx  cares?
 why not treat your brothers and sisters better?
what your union brothers and sisters do with their time off is
nobody's business !!!!  try to understand you should be sticking
together !  no 
shortcuts no favors your on the job performance is what counts !!
 the company will keep on with you unless you stand up !  any
beefs or complaints  file them accordingly !!!  claims? send to the
union !
 no answer? use snail mail  and makem sign for your claims  that way
you start the chain of command !!!!!!   just a thought ?   be  safe 
work safe !!!  for gods sake if you think they are your friends watch
your back! is the union still in csx headquarters in florida? or are
they in Cleveland !!!    they still paying locker claims?  !!!! are
they still using stickman?  stop your train back as far as possible
?makem walk !  do they have  an id even if you know them makem show id
!! ttfn  see yas soon?

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