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    Railroaders work, and expect to be paid. It's a simple idea. Less work means less pay. Likewise, more work should mean more pay, but that's not the way things work on the CSX. According to union contracts, there are situations that warrant additional pay, for additional work, but more often than not, these claims are not honored by the CSX.

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Employed as: Locomotive Engineer, for 30+ years
Posted: 20 September 2019

It's like my Daddy always told me. He would rather have a Sister in a
Whorehouse than a Brother in Production.

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Name: Karma
Employed as: Locomotive Engineer, for 20-30 years
Posted: 19 September 2019

Moron eng 1-10

   To say your’e stupid would be a great understatement.

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Name: Allie
Employed as: Friend or family of employee, for 1-10 years
Posted: 19 September 2019

Hello I am Allie Steen, my husband Zack worked for Csx out of Birmingham
Al.  I have a few things to say on his behalf. First of all this is the
first time I have learned about this website and my first time writing
here.  I would like to bring a few incidents into prospective.  There’s
a lot of cover up and lying going on in Bham. While Zack was in training
in Atlanta Ga, his co worker looked thru his blinds outside of Zacks’s
hotel room and proceeded to video Zack inside his private hotel room.
This coworker that done this is Michael Cade Breasseale. (Zack didn’t
know about this video til it was in circulation)We have the video from
that hotel for proof- Cade had 2 other people with him who then took
off running) Cade chose to share this video with coworkers to make fun
of Zack and give him a bad reputation and an ugly nickname.  Jimmy
Chambliss another coworker was stupid enough to share this name on
Twitter and tag Cade Breasseale in his post confirmation of all that
was going on.  It was reported to the proper HR who thought she had
cleared it up. It hadn’t  Cade continued to share the video and it got
out of hand.  There was a lot of animosity caused between Zack and
Cade.  Cade would go as far as calling in and having himself placed in
front of coworkers while blaming it on Zack.  He would stir crap
between Zack and other coworkers continuously. If this didn’t cause a
hostile environment I don’t know what did.  All the conversations over
the radio-yes we have those too- CJ Green, your voice had been heard
several times over the cb. Along with threats from Roy Collum, you of
all people should know better, being an x marine. Steve green sending
text messages that has nothing to do with you, Cade stirring shit with
all of you for a problem he has.  He made fools out of all of y’all!!! 
When it came down to questioning him guess who said started all this-
you guys- he gave your names to law officials and Csx officials stating
he and Zack were the best of fiends and he had no problem with Zack.  We
all know he is a liar!!!  Well let me tell you what happened to in
November.  Zack was 13 times out and Cade was 3rd out  he called and
placed himself in front of Zack making Cade himself 12 times out. Zack
called and complained about it to 3 different people. Cade had set him
up. Cade lied about his placement so that he could be in the hotel with
Zack .to humiliate and stir shit again.  If any of you need the
paperwork to show proof and or the call made to jville  hit me up I’ll
supply it to you.  Cade is lying to everyone.  He is a worthless piece
of shit walking around thinking he’s somebody at csx.  Yeah he is he’s
a snitch-and does a lot of things you guys don’t know about.  If u see
him videoing you with his phone you should crush the hell out of that
phone because he is setting your ass up to be told on and he’s gonna
use that phone as proof.  One more thing I wanna talk about is your
union reps-one especially Ronnie Head who had shared the video of Zack
and made the mistake of mentioning it to others and then of all things
represented him.  Conflict of interest is what it’s called. Then Robbie
walker ive got to tell you,you are the ugliest human I have ever laid my
eyes on.  You try to get everyone to tell you what’s going on then you
try to be the big bad”I knew it first” let me use your exact words “who
gives a fuck” if you know it.  Your just a red headed god forsaken ugly
person no wonder your wife was fucking your card pal.  Csx workers you
cannot trust either of these union reps, they are two faced
backstabbing for csx not union.  They are like everyone else trying to
get ahead.  As far as Mr Breassseale is concerned your a worthless
piece of shit, oh your grandfather Joe Morrow would turn in his grave
knowing what you’ve done. You destroy people, make them lose their
jobs, and make fun of people.  If only people knew you were a closet
fag and all the things you’ve done to Zack, like pinching him on his
ass and sending lil text to see if he’d join you later. Guys he’s
fantasizing about you.  His poor little wife Kara and that baby girl (
thank god it wasn’t a boy) Ella gray will figure you out and head back
to Missouri where she came from.  Poor girl thought she trapped her a
good one when she got pregnant and made you marry her.  Yeah everyone’s
laughing at her-she got a worthless piece of shit that doesn’t give a
damn about her or that child, it’s a great cover up for a fag!  All of
you are at csx to work for pay and be mindful of your safety but
instead it looks like your too busy stirring shit with other coworkers
and keeping drama going.  Karma will catch up with you!!! You can’t do
things to people and get away with it.  Cade breasseale you better have
a conscious and come clean!! You’re the cause of bham Csx,s downfall and
changes.  I know I made sure every high up individual from bham to
Jacksonville Florida knows you!  Your name is mush and they all know
what you done! ! You fucked with the wrong wife/family.

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Name: Monty Burns
Employed as: M of W, for 10-20 years
Posted: 19 September 2019


Good question, considering the Teamsters have declared solidarity with
the UAW. Also what consequences could we expect from the company if we
refuse to move said freight, and what legal recourse would we have when
CSX undoubtedly disciplines us for refusing to do so?

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Name: Monty Burns
Employed as: M of W, for 10-20 years
Posted: 18 September 2019

When are we gonna grow some balls and strike like the autoworkers? Every
contract we get dicked. Negotiations begin this fall, it's time to man
up and vote down these shitty contracts.

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Employed as: Locomotive Engineer, for 20-30 years
Posted: 18 September 2019

September 18, 2019.......and CSX STILL SUCKS!

Greedy corporate bastards at the top just waiting to take the money &

No safety program whatsoever, its all a scam.  Nobody at CSX cares if
you die.

The company is too cheap to pay for anything, start bringing in your
own toilet paper...lol.

Attendance policy? points system is set up for failure among all
employees, this is where the poor ethics really shows!

Harassment & discrimination has always been there, just worse now than
ever.  If you don't work fast enough, you're fired.  If you have an
accident working too fast, you're fired.

Courtesy & professionalism?  Yeah right, its never existed.  Courtesy
means POLITE, CSX is RUDE.  Professionalism?  a professional would know
how to run a railroad...lol

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Name: HR 1748 Safe Freight Act 
Employed as: Conductor, for 10-20 years
Posted: 18 September 2019

1. Protect the TWO MAN CREW BILL (HR 1748 Safe Freight Act) It’s about
public safety and jobs. 
2. Go to SMART-UNION.org/td 
Click on the Red button support two person crews on the right side of
division home page. 
2.  Enter contact info ( this is needed to direct the email to your
member of congress. 
3. Click Send. The pre-drafted my essage will be sent directly to your
member of congress. 
4. This effects railroad retirement, retired railroaders, current
railroaders there’s even a spot for the general public to make there
voice be heard. Please take action there is 175,000 conductors and
59,000 engineers that need this support not to mention public safety at
5. safety of the crews and the public must come first!

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Name: Labor Protection 
Employed as: Friend or family of employee, for Less than 1 year
Posted: 17 September 2019

Retired Union member, the first person to speak with is the union
representative. However that, as we all know, can lead to a pretty
quick dead end. If the union doesn’t do its job, said employee should
seek to retain personal legal counsel. An FELA attorney would be a
great place to start.

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Name: HR 1748 Safe Freight Act 
Employed as: Conductor, for 10-20 years
Posted: 17 September 2019

Illinois has become involved in a national debate over minimum staffing
ratios on freight trains. 

In May, the Federal Railroad Administration withdrew a proposed rule to
require minimum crew sizes. 

"After closely examining the train crew staffing issue and conducting
significant outreach to industry and public stakeholders, FRA
determined that issuing any regulation requiring a minimum number of
train crewmembers would not be justified because such a regulation is
unnecessary for a railroad operation to be conducted safely at this
time," wrote Ronald Batory, administrator of the FRA. 

The rule was initially propsed by the FRA in 2016, following a fatal
2013 accident in Lac-Mégantic, Quebec, Canada, when an unattended
freight train rolled down a hill, killing 42 people. Another 2013
accident involving a BNSF train in Casselton, North Dakota caused no
fatalities but drew widespread media attention.

The FRA received nearly 1,600 comments on their decision to withdraw
the minimum staffing rule proposal. All but 39 backed the requirements.
Most of the supporters of a rule identified themselves as current,
former or retired train crewmembers. The opponents were largely
associated with industry groups. 

As part of the decision, the agency also prevented states from passing
their own mandates. But in August, Gov. J.B. Pritzker signed a law
requiring two-person crews on trains passing through Illinois in direct
contradiction of the federal directive.

The bill was sponsored by state Sen. Terry Link (D-Indian Creek). 

“With federal bureaucrats failing to act to protect public safety, it
is clear states must act on their own,” Link said in a statement. “This
is simply a matter of protecting the general public. Two-person crews
can react more efficiently to mechanical failures or equipment
malfunctions and can potentially save lives in a serious situation.”

The industry-backed Association of American Railroads argues staffing
is a collective bargaining issue that bears no weight on train safety,
especially as more processes are automated.

“Positive Train Control (PTC) – new technologies designed to prevent
certain types of human error and a top priority of the Administration –
is one game-changer; others not yet imagined may follow," said Ian
Jefferies, the president and CEO of the AAR, in prepared remarks.
"Allowing railroads the flexibility to adjust their operations to
reflect the capabilities of technologies like PTC will help advance
railroads’ mission to achieve an accident-free future."

Wes Ekstedt, a BNSF train conductor from Galesburg and the secretary
for a local SMART TD trade union, said there needs to be two pairs of
eyes on the tracks. 

“It’s pretty obvious for us as crew members, that having two members up
there allows us multiple eyes on the track if anything were to impede
us," he said. Currently, he operates with an engineer in the cab with
him, but he said one or both of the current jobs may go away. 

Ekstedt said the railroad companies are looking to trim spending on
employee wages and benefits to make up for new safety technology
purchases mandated by the government. He argues cutting back on human
personnel is dangerous. 

Nevada and Washington state are suing the federal government to
override the rule, as are various unions.

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Name: Monty Burns
Employed as: M of W, for 10-20 years
Posted: 17 September 2019

Turn in an injury? Better believe you're a marked man. Safety is only
used as a weapon.

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Name: brakeman
Employed as: Brakeman, for 20-30 years
Posted: 16 September 2019


I have been with this company for 23 years. It has been the same since
day one that they came in and took over conrail. THE SAME DAMN SHITZ
every week, every month, every year. They lay off and cut the boards so
low that no one can get reasonable time off. They screw with the caps
and the attendance policy on a regular basis. They play games EVERY
SINGLE DAY!  They threaten men with miss calls if they refuse to take
jobs the company has failed to properly qualify them on. They use
intimidation tactics like we all use toilet paper. They violate the
Union agreements every single chance they get. They blame all the
problems in pay on new employees who don't know what they are doing
because someone has failed to train them wrong. We have heard this blow
hard bull year after year. CSX is a pass the buck company in every
single department. There is excuse after excuse after excuse and most
are the same ones. Nothing has changed in 23 years so don't expect it
to change in your life time. If the unions has the power and the balls
to do anything they would have by now but they  haven't. They have
power, they are just lazy and not worth the title of being called a
union. You want to know what a real union was like, do a little
research . You can find plenty on the history of unions who stood up to
management and fought for their members. You are not a member of any one
of them. Those days are gone.
Im not blowing smoke up your rear. Im not venting because I am mad. Im
simply stating the facts. COME ON! If you have been hired at least a
year then you know what I am saying is true because you have seen it.
YOU HAVE EXPERIENCED IT!  How many years can a company keep putting
wrong cars on the wrong train. How many years can they be short on
power. How many years can they deliberately cut manpower so short to
save a buck that no one can get reasonable time off when needed? AT
LEAST 23. How many years can they screw up bulletins and rule books?
How many years can they just do their blah blah blah??
AT LEAST 23! They aren't going to change. They don't have to. See the
writing on the wall boys. It is just one big game out here and it will
be until the day you quit. The Feds don't care. They step in long
enough to look like they are doing their jobs just for job security.
Ask retired FRA inspectors how much heat was put on them to turn their
heads because BIG RAILROAD has political power and they don't want the
boat rocked to much. Ive heard it. Its all too big for you out here. You
don't have the power to make the changes. You cant get anyone to stick
together as a group. No one cares. Its get in and get out each week and
get a check every pay period. If it hasn't changed in 23 years what is
the point of trying to make a difference. CSX has won and the unions
are getting rich off your money. 

OK, now its time for the mouthy little punks and moles to chime in and
post their distractive bull. The facts have been posted!

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Name: Old head
Employed as: Locomotive Engineer, for 30+ years
Posted: 16 September 2019

I retired from CSX. It was tough but worth it. Hang in there.

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Name: Ube
Employed as: Locomotive Engineer, for 20-30 years
Posted: 16 September 2019


Did you fail English in high school?

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Employed as: Engine repair, for 10-20 years
Posted: 16 September 2019

Anything about a furlough in Waycross today?

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Employed as: Train Master/ supervisor, for Less than 1 year
Posted: 16 September 2019

Whining and crying ole they treat me bad they expect me to work and know
the rules and FOLLOW them they suck...bunch of lazy morons is all y'all
are period. There are some Good employees for sure who work hard and
safe but far to many lazy morons on r.r. today.

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Name: X Futurama Railroader
Employed as: Locomotive Engineer, for 10-20 years
Posted: 16 September 2019

..... who said any thing about retiring with less than 30 years before
you were 62?
I didn't I just made the statement that you can quit the railroad
after you have at least 10 years and retire at 62 at a reduced rate and
like the one guy said as long as you contribute well to your 401k
you'll retire fine you don't need to live a horrible life at CSX sux

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Name: Monty Burns
Employed as: M of W, for 10-20 years
Posted: 15 September 2019

Someone was onto something the company didn't like. Notice how the
company moles switched the conversation to RRB. Y'all fell for it

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Name: BillyDee
Employed as: Locomotive Engineer, for 30+ years
Posted: 15 September 2019

X Futurama RRer

If you're saying you can quit with 10 plus years and at age 62 you
will draw an annuity at a reduction you are correct.

If you're saying you can quit with 10 plus years and draw before
you're 62.  That is incorrect. 

The only way someone can receive an annuity before 60 with 30 years or
less than 30 at 62.  Would have to be an occupational disability or a
full disability as defined with the social security administration.

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Name: X Futurama Railroader
Employed as: Locomotive Engineer, for 10-20 years
Posted: 15 September 2019

You got it right retired meatball everybody should call the Railroad
Retirement Board just like I did and get the real information again I
got it in writing I know for a fact I know other people that quit and
are now on Railroad Retirement you do not have to stay there for 30
years and once you're vested after 10 years you're getting Railroad
Retirement if there's anybody that wants to quit just call Railroad
Retirement they'll explain it to you and then you could go and get a
life like I did

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Name: Retired Now
Employed as: Conductor, for 30+ years
Posted: 15 September 2019

Railroad Retirement:
Hope everyone who looks at this site ignores the posts from X Futurama
Railroader.  And, others don't have it down quite right either it
If/when think eligible for disability or retirement, do proper
research, confer with RRRB reps.  Don't count on meatballs for
accurate true advice and information.

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