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Name: Smh
Employed as: Conductor, for 10-20 years
Posted: 05 September 2021

CSXONE ,you remember HOW TOMORROW MOVES ,it’s all fucking bull shit
these are greedy assholes we are dealing with look at every system
notice they put out just to challenge your Agreement. ,to make up some
bullshit point of view on how to INTERPRET. It ,so  we  can’t not have
some quality of life ,it’s a shame the great American country is bought
and sold and being ruined by the same GREEDY fucking people that run not
only this company but others it’s a cultural issues thises CEO are
ripping off the share holders  not one of them deserve the amount of
money the get ,on the rail fuck your made up operating ratios,,what
about net income total assets and “FOOTIE” all you smart by no comment
on the utility guy not conductor,but it’s in you by saying”quality of
life “  American as a whole needs a over haul in how big big business
lies cheats and steals you greedy people should be ashamed in it which
you are mot and never will be but you can be proud of ruining an
America’ by greed,first step in CSX ONE fire all management we have no
trust In These people top to bottom why should we it’s the same faces
we remember just cause you tell them to be nice don’t mean nothing it
just shows they are true ginne pigs doing what there told !!!!!

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