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Posted: 07 February 2019

Hello from a railroader on pension. It's been nearly 30 years since I
retired and I truly feel your pain with what is going on with CSX. The
reason for this is leadership and it goes right to Foote, the poser
CEO. In talking with my fellow retirees Foote should not even be in
that position. Right place at the right time is all it took. We do
think Harris is the real thing, but Foote is a "poser." Now it
appears it has gone to his head and he doesn't realize he is merely,
as we used to call it, a glorified clerk. Say what you will about
Harrison but the man was all railroad. Knew it inside and out and was
truthful even when we didn't want to hear it. When you get a CEO like
Foote, and people realize he is wrong for the job, that filters down to
every level. He has zero transportation experience and is merely there
sucking in money for being a clerk. His ego is telling him otherwise
but he is so far in over his head its shocking. 
You guys all have to CYA. Make sure you either have a witness or you
are on tape with the train dispatchers if you are given an order which
compromises your safety, or the safety of someone else. You will
survive and will be there after he is gone. Stay strong. I know how
hard it can be having spent the better part of my life doing it. I
would advise to work safely and keep your head down. You will get no
education under Foote, only that which will lead to chaos because he is
not a leader. Compare him to the other RR CEO's and you'll get the
picture. Blessings to all of you, and may the Higher Power give you CYA
assistance at every turn.  Just an opinion from a pensioner.

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