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Name: c
Employed as: Conductor, for 1-10 years
Posted: 29 October 2020


That stupid comment is exactly what they want from us. They want to
beat us down to and you are stepping right into it.  Dont you get it
man. People are going to lose jobs with the hourly. If they can make
you do any damn thing they want for 12 straight hours they will be able
to reduce the extra board. They will only need enough people to fill
vacancies for jobs on rest days. The bullshit union contract has always
stated in black and white that the carrier will keep enough men hired to
cover anticipated vacation, personal, sick etc to keep the jobs filled.
First the son of a bitches make an attendance policy from hell to scare
men into taking a sick day when they seriously need one. Then the screw
the hell out of you on getting a PB day. Yeah, sure you can get one but
then you are punished for it! It goes against your good attendance and
you have to start your 6 month prison sentence all over again. THEY
ALLOW YOU TO TAKE IT THEN PUNISH YOU! What is sad is the fact you have
to have your house burning down before they will approve one. People
bitch about the guys getting and using FMLA when the carrier is the one
who forced everyone into a corner. Dont hate the men, hate the carrier
who created the monsters! Then they turn around and cut jobs on purpose
to put men on the street thus being able to reduce the caps because they
claim the have man power shortage.  These son of a bitches pay lawyers
good money to cover their asses and accountants to crunch numbers on a
daily basis. They have labor law lawyers watching their every move to
plan their attack when this issue is brought up. The law is on their
side. NOT ONE SINGLE UNION has any power over the carriers financial
plan and they can not enforce any article the carrier deems as
threatening to their financial stability.  All they have to do is claim
if they pay our claims as agreed it will put them in the hole and cause
the company to lose money.  It is all one big game. This is why you put
the claims in and keep them coming. When they are making money hand over
fist again there is no reason for them not to pay out our stolen money
that is way over past due.  You want hourly rate???  If your dumb
enough to vote for it and put others on the street then you better do
it for a damn good wage that even the devil himself would be happy
with. No less than 60.00 and hour for first 10 hours and time and a
half for the last two. NO INCREASE IN HEALTH INSURANCE!  And the damn
unions don't get a raise for it either. It will not cost them a dime
other than lost dues from men who lose their jobs. They can keep their
kick backs and pay off under the table.

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