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Employed as: Corporate office, for Less than 1 year
Posted: 23 December 2020

Merry Christmas   to all the fine T&E union brothers and sisters.  

Enjoy your Holiday on the rail and or in the fine motels CSX provides. 
 We sure thank each and everyone of you for staying marked up and
thinking about your peers before selfishly laying off or missing calls.
 We all know how it feels when we have to cover someone's shift.   
Boynutz will be sending out his warmest holiday wishes.    Lets all
give 110% and stay marked up New Years too.    This year the day before
the day before and the day after the day after is considered holidays
too.  So we will monitor all lay offs. And will pull everyone of you
lazy POS out of service for any  and all layoffs other than union

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