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Name: Rule of 2 latest news 
Employed as: Conductor, for 20-30 years
Posted: 22 November 2021

Last week several important stories regarding the forthcoming two-person
crew regulation and rail safety hit the internet.
First up, in advance of a House subcommittee hearing that happened
Wednesday, the railroads and their lapdogs in the media tried (and
failed) to spin the cause of supply-chain problems on employees, when,
in fact, it's their adoption of the Precision Scheduled Railroading
model of job cuts and long trains that's to blame. Read our response
The takeaway from a Washington Examiner article published Nov. 16
regarding recent supply-chain snarls is that rail labor's desire to
maintain the current standard level of personnel -- a certified
conductor and a certified engineer -- aboard the monster freight trains
brought by the rail industry's Precision Scheduled Railroading (PSR)
scheme will make things worse and that President Joe Biden is making a
mistake by advocating for two-person crews.
The article sadly attempts to use an operational supply-chain disaster
caused, in part, by voluntary decisions made by the rail bosses who
implemented PSR as an opportunity to continue to attack the people who
work for the seven Class I railroads in the U.S. and those who support
them in the political arena. The labor of these workers resulted in the
regular achievement by the nation's biggest railroads of combined net
earnings in the billions each quarter, even as the operational
challenges implemented by profiteering rail executives in the form of
PSR and a global pandemic mounted. CLICK TO READ REST OF STORY.
The FRA announced a re-chartering of the Railroad Safety Advisory
Committee (RSAC) after four years of neglect. This move of expanding
RSAC will diversify the views on safety and provide more-balanced
recommendations. This is a big win for rail labor and shows the agency
has opened up to labor's input when before FRA's door was never
"This Railroad Safety Advisory Committee plays an important role
helping the FRA improve the safety of passengers and workers throughout
our rail industry," said Deputy Administrator Amit Bose. "The steps we
are taking today to renew the Committee's charter and expand its
membership will help DOT address key railroad safety challenges in the
years ahead. READ MORE
And the news from the FRA did not stop there. Here is a story in Trains
Magazine where FRA's Amit Bose set the bar on forthcoming two-person
crew regulation that is coming from his agency. READ HERE.
Keep the faith, we are turning the corner.
Greg Hynes
SMART Transportation Division
National Legislative Director

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