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Name: Hillary Clinton
Employed as: Conductor, for 1-10 years
Posted: 05 November 2018

I can assure I'm not a mole. I just don't need a unorganized crime
syndicate such as the BLET to steal my money and tell me how to vote.
You suckers keep giving and giving while the union continues to take,
take, take. You get nothing back...if the union did its job this page
wouldn't exist. I want all these whiners and babies to quit, just quit
if its so bad. But  no, you rather look like pussies and whine and cry
about how it use to be. Whine and cry about how they cant do that,
whine and cry about the union reps that mark off during the holidays,
to go fishing and hunting and watch football know I'm
right. You know deep in you heart, deep down inside the utopia of the
socialist workers union dream is a lie. I listen to you in the crew
rooms, on the trains, in the hotel, and in the van...your miserable,
you hate it, you take it back to your family in the name of a dollar..a
very short dollar at that.  I love it, it almost energizes me. I put my
head down, do my best follow the rules and fill my pockets. Its a way
of life. The company owes me nothing.

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