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Name: Karma
Employed as: Locomotive Engineer, for 10-20 years
Posted: 12 February 2017

I agree, a lot of claims that are submitted for review are not valid.
However, I have personally called employees in the Labor Relations
Dept. and asked them what conditions have to be met for a specific
claim to be valid.  I have submitted the valid claim per Labor
Relations instructions only to have it declined. Once declined, I have
called the specific Labor Relations employee back and asked why it was
declined. Their answer is "Their is a Process that must be followed to
get the claim paid" and they say forward it to my Local Chairman.  

   Well B.S. The "Process" if fucking stealing from their employees
and not honoring the agreement that was signed by the Carrier.  It is
nothing more than a attempt to overwhelm the Local and General
Chairman's offices appealing Valid claims that should have been paid
initially.  All this ethics training is just a bunch of lip service as
CSX is speaking out their ass about being a ethical company. Just like
their anti-retaliation policy, that's a story for another day. OUT

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