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Name: conductor
Employed as: Conductor, for 10-20 years
Posted: 27 October 2020


It isnt the FRA that is the problems.  It is the damn UNIONS!

I am sick and tired of coming in off the road after being gone for 2
days, tired as hell and ready to go home, just to be pulled off my
train and told you are going to go hostel power, drag in trains or pull
god damn cars WITH NO TICKET FOR A DAMN THING! Then the smart asses tell
you PUT A CLAIM IN!  I am sick and tired of the LC telling you  THEY CAN
DO THAT NOW! THEY CAN DO THAT NOW!  Who hell decided they can do that
now! I don't know of any unions who does more horsetrading and
screwing the hell out of their members than the UTU and the BLET!  You
can bet your ass they will end up negotiating for hourly wages right
behind our backs and not include us in any vote on this.  You can bet
someone in the international is getting their pockets stuffed with
bribe money to get it done.  I say screw striking against the company,
we need to strike against the damn unions.  I swear to god if I hear
one more time, THEY CAN DO THAT NOW I'm going to puke and then just
bitch slap the LC mouth that it comes out of. The LC should be the ones
taking these crooked bastards on. They are on the front lines and should
be knee deep up into their shit.

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