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Name: Cond
Employed as: Conductor, for 1-10 years
Posted: 01 November 2018

Alert! !!!!

Crew managment is taking all prescheduled personal days out on the
weekend.  This is a violation of our agreement and employment benefits.
They are removing days you already have scheduled and are claiming they
are notifying everyone when they do. This is an outright lie. If you
call to ask why your day was removed after it was already scheduled
they will tell you that you never had it in the system. If you did not
take a pic of your day scheduled or keep the recording when you
scheduled your day you are screwed. There is no proof.  Call your local
chairman immediately if this happens and you had plans scheduled for the
day that you must absolutely honor. If you have to take a sick day in
order to take the day they stole from you then fight the points! Demand
a PB day first. When they deny that then they have forced you into a
corner and given you no other choice. Everyone needs to stick together
and stand their ground on this. Taking prescheduled days away and
disrupting your quality of life and violating your employment agreement
and covering it up is a serious ethics violation!

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