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Name: conductor
Employed as: Conductor, for 1-10 years
Posted: 12 October 2020


According to CSX labor relations because of some public law board
ruling, all through freight trains can now build the outbound trains at
the away from home terminal if the train is going to continue on with
the same job symbol. It doesnt matter if there is a yard crew on duty. 
they are claiming that the train has multiple work orders. They dont
care if the train orders have different locations as departing or
different crew on them. They dont care if your work order states
specific cars to be delivered to the AFHT! If the second work order for
the next crew has the same job symbol, you can do all their work
including the yard switchers work.  they have admitted this action on
hundreds of earning statements across the system. The unions know they
are doing this, We all know this is pure made up bullcrap in an attempt
to reduce yard crews and bringing back man power. PUT THE CLAIMS IN! 
THIS IS TOTAL BULL CRAP! Flood the GC office with complaints. These are
different trains. These trains do not contain your cars you set off and
delivered per your workorder. It is a different train leaving from a
different terminal with different crews.  They are trying to force us
to work under the hourly wage rule. PUT THE CLAIMS IN!

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