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Name: notrepresented!
Employed as: Locomotive Engineer, for 1-10 years
Posted: 07 January 2019

BLET Brothers
conversation with LC:

So what is up with the job descriptions missing from certain pools on
the bid system?

 LC: I've already been asked that and checked on it. Union is totally
out of the loop and has no answer as to why job descriptions for
certain runs have been missing for weeks from the electronic system. 

So what your saying is the company isn't following the agreement that
states they will give a 30 day notice to the unions when they plan on
changing jobs and it will affect pay and work rules.

LC: That's what seems to be happening.

 You know what I think?  I think there are 2 things that could be
happening. You know and the information is so crappy that you have all
agreed to keep quiet so your phone wont ring off the wall all night
with all your members wanting to know what your going to do about it.
We know you cant do a thing. All you can do is protest and voice the
opinions of your members but don't you think you should let the cat
out of the bag since we all pay our hard earned money to the union and
we should be kept informed?

LC: Im telling you that we haven't heard a thing and if something is
going on we are out of the loop. There's nothing to tell.

OK, that was my second thought. You are deliberately being left out of
the loop so you wont protest. You are an elected official for the
members and you have every right to go after the International for
deliberately leaving you out of the loop and not being able to keep
your members who voted for you up to date. Why don't all the LC's get
together and file charges against the International reps?

LC:  HA! HA!  That would take unity and everyone sticking together. Are
you really asking me that? You know how this works our here. You said it
yourself. They leave us in the dark and we just do what we can do when
we get or if we get the information.

Well its time that someone steps up to the plate and makes the first
pitch. Its only going to get worse with the new regime and being
blindsided all the time is not going to cut it. You have any
suggestions to pass on to the members on how to get the ball rolling?


Sorry cant post what was said. Looks like another year of the same old
joke and forking out dues to a union that has no interest in keeping
the people who pay their mortgages in the loop. I could have sworn that
they worked for us and we didn't work for them!

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