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Name: ripped off
Employed as: Conductor, for 1-10 years
Posted: 04 November 2017


What the hell is going on here. Its bad enough we get our valid claim
denied after being forced to do work in violation of our union
agreement which I might add was signed by CSX and agreed upon, but now
all the sudden we are having problems with getting information to prove
these claims. I have noticed that most the time it is when you recrew a
train. Every time you activate your bulletins the TMCI screen is
supposed to reflect that you were the second crew on that train. My LC
has asked me to give him a copy of this as more proof I was on that
train and lately the info has been missing. Sometimes I cant print a
ticket when I recrew a train because the computer says there isn't any
info for the date of the ticket. How the hell can there not be any info
for a ticket you just submitted. I have even waited a few days to see
if maybe it was just not going through yet. Only proof I got that I was
called for that train is in my history. That isn't shit.  That ticket
has FRA hos reporting info. Do I have to call the FRA and ask them to
get that ticket now. That's what legal posted. Maybe they should be
looking into this pattern that's happening with recrewing trains!

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