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Employed as: Locomotive Engineer, for 10-20 years
Posted: 02 November 2017

Anyone heard that the great idea of precision railroading is an illegal
scam? The idea revolves around pushing the switching work out on the
main line and then not properly air brake testing trains while every
other class 1 has to . If there are two or more separate blocks of cars
to be set out or picked up the entire train needs to be retested.
Managers are designing this work, handing it out, overseeing it on the
mainline and claiming ignorance of properly arranging the required air
tests.? Itís a joke, a very illegal one at that. All of the other
carriers who are following federal requirements should be pissed that
this guy gets to do this and post lower operating numbers because of
illegal activity. He is also creating an unfair market place for his
competitors while they adhere to federal requirements and he does not.
The management is responsible when they design work that they also
require the proper air test be done. They are not . They are also
banking on the opposite.

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