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Employed as: Conductor, for 1-10 years
Posted: 12 June 2018


Yeah you!  I never wanted to be part of a union because I know from
watching my family get hosed by them and forking out tons of money to
be forced in a closed shop that did nothing to back them when shit got
rough that I was just throwing money down the toilet.

Now that trump chump has done away with my ability to deduct the money
I fork out to you on my taxes I am getting interested!  Getting that
deduction was the only thing that kept me sane every time I saw that
money taken out of my check each month.
You better get ready crooks because you are going to be held
accountable for everything you do in the future. There are a lot of
dues paying members who aren't going to sit back and watch you reap
the rewards of a fat pocket while we get screwed even worse. Mark my
word, talk around the yards is brewing.

OH....and those who don't know it yet, Medco/Express scripts is
putting the hammer on everyone now. If you don't have a prescription
on their preferred list you are going to get cut off. You must call
your doctors asap and get a preferred generic even if it makes you sick
or is not what you doctor says you must be on. If you have to have a
name brand that is not available in generic yet your going to be broke.
The prices are going triple. I just got my nasty email from them telling
my wife she cant take her meds as prescribed anymore and she has till
the end of july to find a new one. If not her meds will go from 40 a
month to $160!  Time to get on board with the black market out of
Canada! Medco is headed to the highway robbers place in hell!

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