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Name: Reality
Employed as: Conductor, for 20-30 years
Posted: 09 February 2018

The facts.
The pay rates Will change.
Seniority will be a thing of the past.
Super pools will be implemented.
Work rules will be drastically reduced.
Crews will swap trains at a halfway point and bypass the hotels. The
plans are already on the table. 
Yard and road work will be combined. Everyone will become multi purpose
employees. Crews will be reduced.

It doesn't matter what happens to the stock. It doesn't matter how
they restructure. It doesn't matter what assets they sell. You are a
blue collar in the field worked with absolutely no control how CSX
handles its business. You are no body. You will come to work and bitch
every day like you always do and do your job as your told or be
fired.You can't even control you union's let along a corporation as
big as CSX. So learn to adapt to the changes. Keep your mouth shut and
do your job as your instructed. There's not a damn thing you can do
about it. The union's have no federal rights that prevents CSX from
restructuring. If you still have a job when it is all done then
consider yourself blessed. Do you job and take your paycheck. If this
pisses You off TOO BAD! The truth hurts. You cut your balls off years
ago so deal with the game you are being given. Conform or leave.

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