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Name: LESSON101!
Employed as: Friend or family of employee, for 30+ years
Posted: 10 August 2017

Young cubs and Hoggers!  

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce quote..  "U.S. supply chains are
critically dependent on the quality and capacity of the American
freight transportation network. We are anticipating 100 million new
people in the country and 4 billion more tons of international freight
to move around America by 2050. The railroads are one of the most
heavily used transit system in the world."
And you cant understand why you cant strike...really?

Now lets get to the point. Your harassment and intimidation didn't
really get rolled out until the company realized that they had a golden
opportunity. The old heads were getting close to retirement and the talk
of the 30 and 60 and you were up for retirement was in the works.
That's when they began to hire again. They were anticipating serious
man power shortage if they didn't get people trained and in place. So
how were they going to handle the large turn over and the incoming of
so many new cubs? First train them and then bull whip and intimidate
them to death and make them scared to death to stand up for themselves.
CASTRATE ALL OF THEM! How many of you young pups remember your trainers
telling you not to listen to any of the old heads. They are just
disgruntled and will only get you in trouble. Tons of heard it!  Why?
Because we had balls. We wouldn't tolerate management violating the
hell out of our union agreements. We wouldnt take having our pay stolen
that was rightfully ours. we wouldn't take a beating and just stand
there like little boys with our pants wet. Moving freight in a timely
manner is a must! No if's and's or but's!  When they got abusive we
did what we had to in order to get the attention of Headquarter
officials. They wanted 400 cars switched a night they got 200. It
didn't take long for the white collars to show up and want to talk to
us and find out what was going on. The problems were fixed with a
temporary bandaid for awhile but at least they were fixed. If we had to
do it again, then we did. 
Management is well aware of the power that you have. This industry
demands that freight move and keep moving quickly. A stoppage would be
So now comes your observation testing. Some of you may remember when it
was called "Performance evaluations" instead. For some legal reason
they had to change it. This was a great way to scare the hell out of
the new pups and send the fear that there will be eyes on you all the
time and maybe in the bushes as well. Old heads didn't give a shit.
Any of you remember an old head that could turn a 6 hour job into a 12
and they couldnt find a damn thing to charge them on? EXPERIENCE! You
screw with our agreement and our pay and we will remind you just how
much power we really have. You pay us right and treat us with respect
we will switch the shit our of your yard and give you 500 on a great
day! This isn't MacDonalds boys! This is a serious business that
demands movement of freight.
If a manager ever walked up to us and told us "I don't care if Im
violating your agreement. File a claim and take it up with your union
rep. Now get out there and do as your told or you will be charged with
insubordination he would have been one sorry supervisor. He could
explain it to the white collars when they flew into town! 
Some of you young pups probably don't come from a union family and
have no idea how hard blue collar workers have fought to get them.
Yeah, they aren't worth a shit half the time anymore but it doesn't
matter.  You got more power than you can ever imagine. Grow a set of
balls and stick together. MAN UP and stand up. We did it. When your
right, your right. Don't work 8 damn hours straight without a lunch.
This no lunch shit is for the birds.  How did you ever let management
brow beat you into going all day with out a lunch break when your
agreement allows it. I don't know of any industry that refuses to let
someone take a damn break during the day. I have been hearing a lot of
crap that's been going down and I just cant believe it. I'm floored
on how you pups have let this get out of hand. Run your ass into the
ground, spy on you all day, take your lunch, steal your pay, and
threaten you?  Use your heads!

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