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Posted: 08 February 2020

Attention Please:

                The shit is about to hit the fan on the Mighty Corrupt
UP! Management/Union corruption has been exposed, that's led to a
massive reduction in employees, and future furloughs. At least 4500
employees were furloughed within the last year, and an additional 3000
will be furloughed this year alone. Due in part to corrupt TE&Y union
officers being outed for processing time claims, while being illegally
compensated without performing service.

The fraud was initially exposed after [O]ne honest union officer in the
southern region exposed the corruption. And during several claims
conferences with Labor Relations, the carrier agreed to pay over
million dollars ($30,000,000.00) in past due claims from the last five
(5) years. And this amount is only one general region alone, with
approximately eight (8) regions that are in similar claims

The payouts are so high that the carrier has negotiated to pay
installments over a two (2) period so that a severe drop in quarterly
profits would not spook investors on Wall Street. 

Do the math; the amount furloughs last year has not improved the bottom
line because of claims payout. 

Stay tuned!

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