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Name: Greed Ops
Employed as: Locomotive Engineer, for 30+ years
Posted: 30 April 2020

Corporate executives continue to line their pockets with our labor and
ensure the rules are written to favor them. Cameras on engines shows
the lack of trust created between a Corporation that no longer sells a
service product but a shareholder value product. CSX puts shareholder
value above everything including safety. I used to work on a Railroad
that cared about safety. There was a connection between the employees
and the corporation. Management would have a safety briefing at the
beginning of the shift. Trainmasters told us to take care of each
other. We had a common goal to service the customer. These Canadians
want men to get on and off moving equipment.Why? So they can extract as
much from men as possible for passive share holders value.

A Man values his co-workers and employees. This outfit doesn't. Greedy
higher-up, you know the impact of getting on and off moving equipment.
You know it wears out men's knees, ankles, shoulders and boots! You
don't care.

 How about the injurys from cars moving and people falling while
operating hand brakes?.How many people are put in harms way that could
have been avoided with a brakestick? Instead of money spent on drones,
buy the men tools. Keep employees out of harms way. Want employees to
feel like they are winning? Bring back a boot stipend. 
 If you cared about community in which you operate you would do this.
Then maybe you can rest assured knowing employees will do the right
thing. Let everyone win not just Shareholders. Until then keep spying
on your employees.

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