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Employed as: Conductor, for 10-20 years
Posted: 03 October 2020

OK here we go you idiots. If your that dam stupid to give jobs away just
like everything else itís for your own good. I try and make a point for
everyone to stick together make a stand unite and fight and this is all
the bullshit you people on here wine about. Taking jobs away no union
representation. Well maybe some people do care about there jobs and
maybe there are some pretty lousy engineers out there too. I canít
count plenty that have fallen asleep going down the road so donít come
crying when you think just because they cut the conductor off your
going to get a bonus like pre-1985 guys. If you donít wanna fight for
your jobs then I guess the really do deserve to go to shit just like
everything else has. So since no one is interested in my long boating
post all of you who bitch and wine and cry and are lazy that donít want
to do tour jobs then you get what you deserve. (GFYS)!!!!!!! 

This site is only for lazy ass people who donít get it and only care
about themselves. You can only lead a horse to water but canít force
them to drink. Hope they go 💯 % automated. Remember once the
conductors are gone itís only a matter of time engineer last one to go.
Now you want it you got it. No more money just all the work involved!!!
Do more with less like self checkout lanes!!!! Less people paying into
RRB so now we can all draw SSI. You canít fix stupid and lazy.!!!!!

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