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Name: APE
Employed as: APE, for 10-20 years
Posted: 04 November 2020

Hello JP. This happend at Russell yard in Russell Ky. Darrin Liston was
the guy working the job with Jerry keating. Working y103 yard job west
end. He fell off a a car and yelled out call 911 engineer Jerry keating
ran back to see what happened found conductor with his legs laying in
his lap. It pinched his legs off one above one below the knee. He is in
the ICU on ventilator they removed some parts of his legs and he had
been out on IV for  pain. This is a very unforgiven business company
donít care itís hurry up run letís get the work done but be safe donít
tear nothing up donít get hurt!!!! Cut all you can FRA donít care cut
scrap and sale. Now with two person crews on the line any job they can
cut and add more work on they will. Itís all about cut scrap and sale.
Darin great guy 16 year employee prayers go out to him and his family.
This was posted on WSAZ news. Russell used to have two men on east end
jobs now cut to one switch both sides cut all the jobs possible they
can when it takes a man 12 years to hold a job itís cut to the bone
thank you corporate for doing more with less it proves itís not about
safety but wall street and your stock while you get record breaking
profits people have died losing body parts getting hurt for what to
save a dollar they donít want there money they want Employees money cut
scrap sale fight for claims to get paid FRA donít care no one does.
Donít mean to grip but this railroad has turns to shit. No thanks
awards no safety cookouts or year of service awards no face to face
meetings about rule classes man power shortages! Letís cut all we can
sale all we can no one cares but I canít think why the employee moral
is down!!! Only one to profit is wall street. No engineer bonuses no
nothing. Just work but donít take a nap even when you have some
management ride with you down the road and they sleep under the camera
we issue rules that they canít abide by but we expect you too. Funny
how they have cameras in the cab and we are monitorerrd 24/7 but no one
else has cameras trainmasters MOW service center no where but T&E all
have cameras Railcrew vans crew rooms cabs of locomotives yards all
cameras. We must be the best looking group since we are the only ones
needs spide on. Even drones best wishes again and prayers for him and
his family

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