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Name: Legal
Employed as: Friend or family of employee, for 20-30 years
Posted: 03 November 2017

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FRA law 227.221 addresses record keeping requirements and explains in
detail how these records can be stored and your right to obtain your
own personal information. Read it very carefully. A specific question
has been submitted to us several times over the last few months and it
involves the right of the employee to ask for a copy of his/her
employee records. Many want to know how to obtain a copy of a pay/time
ticket that has been removed from view because it is over 35 days old.
You have a right to receive a copy of this record. Contact your human
resource department and be governed by their instructions. If you
encounter any problems you do have a legal right to involve your FRA
inspector who handles the operating rules. For those of you who are
concerned that pay/time tickets are being altered or any information is
not being submitted as intended this law makes it very clear that each
record can not be modified in any way, or replaced, once the record had
been transmitted and stored. If you feel that this law has been violated
then you must contact your FRA representative immediately and be
governed by his/her instructions. Paper copies of electronic records
and amendments to those records ,that may be necessary to document
compliance with this part of law shall be made available for inspection
and copying/photocopying by a representative of the FRA. Remember, it is
very important that you make a copy of all information that you have
submitted whether it be a pay/time ticket, claim or correspondence with
a company representative. If you encounter problems with this then you
should immediately request the help of a company official. If you are
unable to obtain a copy of the information that you were requesting
before you leave your place of employment make sure you document the
time, place and name of the company official that assisted in your
ability to do so. If your attempt was unsuccessful and was due to
technical errors on any electronic devise such as a printer you must
get the address of such devise. This information will help the FRA
inspector that you chose to involve with his request in retrieving your
personal record.

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