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Name: May I have another
Employed as: APE, for Less than 1 year
Posted: 30 July 2020

Look who back back again trex back tell a friend.
Yo yo yo my broedahs shizzle fo da wizzle pece luvs n unty. I be comin
at ya live wit trex fromz da birds nest. Been ons da fur-low tils
recensly. Redee to be getin back n gitin ins da swing of da tings
alredie markins off on da fmlaz. I be havins a goods idea fo a backs to
works partee. Dj trex spinnin da beats. A dunkin boot fo yard masters to
sits in. A trainmastrz onlys hot dogs eatin contess. Train masterz bring
yo own knee pads. Crews gets to feed raw dogs to train masters throug
glory holes. Winning train master gets a tee shirt dat did a
guds job. luv, uppa manajmnt.. ambulance will be on site in case a
trainmastor busts a gut tryin fo da prize. Ans once again yo bird Trex
wantz to remines yus to pleze spay and nueta yo trainmastorz to
prevents da overpopulamation.

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