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    This area of the site will be an open forum for CSX employees to discuss all forms of harassment and discrimination on the job. As many of us have seen, the company's first priority is the company, not the rights of it's workers.

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Name: conductor
Employed as: Brakeman, for 20-30 years
Posted: 23 May 2019


You are right. We don't need to strike. We cant anyway. Go out there
and try to start a strike, See how fast your written up and on the
unemployment line. Idiots like SMH who post stupid idiotic smack is the
reason we are in the mess we are now. The unions have to go or they have
to be cleaned up. Get rid of the old outdated mess of old men who are
bought and weak and replace them with fresh new blood. Elect LC's who
wont take a bribe and jump the fence when they start getting good at
what they do. Every time we get one who takes them to the mat and start
climbing on top, they take the pay off and jump on board with
management.  It'a damn disgrace!

Men need to grow a pair or man balls.  They all see some kind of
violation every week they could blow the whistle on.  Screw their
rules. They don't play nice and we shouldn't either. FRA, EPA state
and local laws, OSHA and many other laws are violated every day. Blow
them in. File complaints. They want to play games then so be it. They
are always throwing the first pitch. You don't need to use your unions
or the company to file complaints. And god for bid don't call the
ethics committee.  They are working in the pockets of the people who
are causing the whole mess we work in. You have to be an idiot to trust
them.   Think outside of the box. We have more power than they can
imagine. Shop equipment, file complaints  with the local government
offices. No one is nice anymore. It sad it has come to this but it war.

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Name: Dingleberry
Employed as: Conductor, for Less than 1 year
Posted: 22 May 2019

Smh, Iím with you brother. 
First things first: 
The beauty of the railroad is the mentally retarded folks that run it.
Computers run everything these days-job titles are only for the
narcissist egomaniacs that believe they are gonna climb a never ending
ladder. The mainframe will work regardless of who the ceo or assistant
superintendent is.  They will answer for our actions before we do-if we
are to do this.

Second: WE DO NOT NEED TO STRIKE! All we have to do is follow their
rules to  the best of our abilities and that will have a profound
effect.(see my previous posts)

Third: If we are to do this, everyone needs fire insurance. The asshat
mgrís will get angry and some will pay-at least they will get paid
though. If the cost of insurance is too high we tell the UTU or BRCF
Ďhey we want full benefits at $xx.xx a monthí if they donít like it
well there is 3,000 members that will go elsewhere. Strength in
numbers. We are in control.

Fourth: I donít pay these fuckin dues for nothing. The union better get
its act together instead of putting out letters that express how
dissatisfied they are with company policies. For too long the unions
have sat back and let it happen. They throw their hands in the air-
like they are at a Ricky Martin concert or some shit. Organize the
organized or be replaced with ACRE, BLET, or whoever the hell else
there is. 

We get caught up in the mundane process of work and life sometimes.
Answer the phone, go to work, go to sleep... that we donít realize we
are getting in the butt until you wake up one day and you are so tired
you can barely move. I havenít been working on the railroad these years
to get taken out by a drone or some dickhead attendance policy.

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Name: Dingleberry
Employed as: Conductor, for Less than 1 year
Posted: 22 May 2019

I should write a book...

The company with these policies is telling you that they absolutely
need and depend on you. They need the workforce to be lean to produce
good numbers. PSR donít work, and if it does-it doesnít work for us.

Give then what they ask for and these policies will disappear. Give
them their bad orders, give them their bad switches, give them their

If they thought losing a favorable award from an arbitrator was bad,
wait until they see a unified group following their rules to a ĎTí. 

Unions must pressure local management to create a list of required
items to be on the employees person when working. That way when a
ďbook-checkĒ occurs you have everything that is listed.

Unions must pressure local management to create a work flow of all
tasks to be completed during shifts. That way when they see how thin
they are spread and all the work they need only gets finished half-way
you are protected from any backlash.

Their railroad, their rules- show emí why they are retards.

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Name: Dingleberry
Employed as: Conductor, for Less than 1 year
Posted: 22 May 2019

Strikes are illegal on the railroad-we all know. 

There will be no strike and there will be no slow down.

There will come a point though when ALL will realize in unison that in
order to work safely we must take the time to review our tasks before,
during, and after making any kind of move. If this slows down the work
then it slows down the work. 

Nothing illegal.

It is up to the union to organize this safety effort to ensure all are
on the same page.

The General Chair will have to advise the locals, and the locals will
have to advise the membership.

The company says we are unsafe. Well then itís time to get safe at the
same time, system wide. No favors, no shortcuts, just compliance.

Items to include (but limited to):
Shopping bad order cars on the hump,
Shopping engines that arenít 100% in compliance,
Stopping movements during shoves when radio transmission becomes
Pulling Auto racks in yard cuts at 4 Mph to reduce sway,
Watching all bowl pull cuts at 4mph to inspect cars for bad orders,
Tagging all switches that require an unreasonable amount of force,

The company issues managers compliance testing protocol every month or
so. The union will do the same!

Two can play this game.

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Name: loco
Employed as: Locomotive Engineer, for 20-30 years
Posted: 22 May 2019


Watch every thing that crew management does from this day forward. I 
got screwed out of 3 hours of my time off for vacation because they
manipulated the times that I was supposed to be marked off on each
additional vacation day I tagged onto the end of my annual.
When they awarded the jobs on the JAD I still had the same turn with
the same days off and if I hadn't added 2 extra days to the end of my
vacation I would have been on call at 22:00 for 0001 Saturday morning.
They marked me off on Friday night while they had the awards being done
then when they put me back on my same turn they waited until 3:00 am to
do it. They put me on my daily vacation day at 3 am instead of
Midnight! I didn't catch it so when I was coming off the second day
and wanted a late mark up for 4 am that I am entitled too they
wouldn't let me because they said that option was only good if you are
scheduled to be marked back up at midnight. They cant give a less than 4
hour late markup. It was then when I went through my history I
discovered that they waited an extra 3 hours before they put me back on
my reactivated turn Friday night that I was already on and used that
time to show when I would be rested off my last vacation day.
I just talked to a guy they did the same to but took several hours from
him and charged him with a miscall when he didn't answer the phone.
What they did to him was worse than they did to me. He got 10 points
for the crap and is still fighting it even though the  Head of crew
management agreed that he was correct. The person who handles assessing
the points is refusing to take them off. This is just more bull and now
with this new availability policy which is designed to make sure
everyone has points on their record unless they either don't
accumulate any by never marking off or just accumulate 10 then wait six
months for them to clear and start over again.  You have to be brain
dead to not figure out the scheme behind all of this. Watch everything
they do with your history and your mark off and mark up times!

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Employed as: Train Master/ supervisor, for Less than 1 year
Posted: 22 May 2019

Need to concentrate more on doing a good job while being safe and
following the RULES...instead of sick days and and vacation.

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Name: Conductor
Employed as: Conductor, for 1-10 years
Posted: 21 May 2019


To clear your record you would have to go a full year without taking a
sick day without a dr. Slip???  Think what you just said. What if you
take a sick day during that year and have a valid slip. It's going to
cost you 2 points! So you can't do it in a year unless you take NO
sick days at all or you are admitted to the hospital or go to emergency
room.  Don't forget the biggest factor of all....NO POINTS ASSESSED IF
THEY WARRANT YOUR SUBMITTED INFO VALID.  thats the damn problem. You
got 3 days to get this info to them in order to see if they pardon you
and give you 2 points or none. You take off to the doctor and the next
day as soon as your marked up they call you out. Your on the damb road.
You end up in the hotel for 30 hours like we were last time, then you
get a 12 hr. Trip home. You going to mail this as soon as you walk in
the door after seeing the doctor or find a ride to take you to a post
office at your AFHT! A postmark within 3 days from the visit should be
acceptable if you don't have or can't get to a fax machine.
This crap starts June 1st.  What about the points that are supposed to
be removed on June first if you go all of May without a mark off. Are
we getting credit for this GOOD LITTLE BOY BEHAVIOR?? Let's see on the
first if we get our earned credit.

SO TO RECAP....with the old policy if you had 16 points it only took 6
months to clear your record. Remember you got 3 points back for each
month you stayed marked up. With this new policy you only get 10 points
for each 6 months so it will take a year now to clear all 16.  Who the
hell never gets sick all year!  So come into work sick as shit. Every
single time you mark off unless it is an emergency or hospital visit
they pardon, you will be starting your 6 months all over again. Welcome
to HELL!

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Name: Lol
Employed as: Locomotive Engineer, for 10-20 years
Posted: 21 May 2019

I'm pretty sure csx lost the arbitration on penltalys for a doctors
note this right here shows the company doesn't care about the FRA or
the rr labour act but the fact they are doing it just to get by ,,the
fines. Stick share and money made off the ones the CEO makes should be
confiscated had he should be held accountable.if he don't realize this
what's he getting paid for

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Name: Cond.
Employed as: Conductor, for 1-10 years
Posted: 21 May 2019

Attendance policy sucks!!!

Think about this people....if you had to take 1 sick day per month for
4 months and didn't have dr. Slip you would have 16 pts if none were
weekend days....  it takes 6  months to get 10 points back. So in order
to completely clear your points off you would have to go a full year
without one single sick day without a dr. Slip.  BULLSHIT. It looks
like dr. Appt. For every single bout of diarrhea, stomach flue,
sinusitis etc...your forking out co pay and the hassle of the
paperwork.  And what the hell does VALID CLAIM MEAN.  This is pure
retaliation for FMLA USERS AND HOLIDAY ABUSERS.  So what if they give
you a better chance of keeping your job on steps it ain't worth it. 
Look real close people. Your going to always have a point on your
record unless you never ever get sick without going to the doctors for
proof. Watch the med premiums sky rocket people when we all go to
doctor for the last minute flu!

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Name: loco
Employed as: Locomotive Engineer, for 10-20 years
Posted: 21 May 2019

Retired now

That's funny.  I cant tell you how many old heads told me stories of
how many guys were on the bottle out there in the past. Another reason
they started the red block program in the first place.  I remember when
I first got hired when you came in you had to sign in on a sheet they
called the "whiskey" sheet.  That's exactly what is was called and
written on the top. Csx did away with it. Said it was bad publicity. I
think the point of the poster was to say if guys could run a railroad
and be on the sauce and did just fine then what the hell is the point
of all this stalking and unnecessary bull shitz that goes on.  Its a
fact that the crews failures 99% of the time are things that don't
have a damn thing to do with production. They aren't causing
derailments and getting injured so bad they have to take off work or go
to the hospital.  Its like the other guy said.  Its all for awards and
recognition and a great big pat on the back.  What someone needs to do
is put out the headlines.  CSX has a good safety record because the
crews are safe. No none wants to go home hurt.  The down fall to all of
this is the crews still get wrote up for crap that doesn't amount to a
thing because the company is scared we cant work safe and have to
intimidate to make them feel like they are contributing to the safe
actions of the employees!   That stupid school is just about shut down
and isn't producing anymore so none of us can understand what the
point of the forced turn over rate is for other than reducing the
workforce without actually furloughing! 
Csx can use the excuse the reason they cant get their freight across
the road on time is because of manpower shortages caused by men not
working safely and having to be put on the street for punishment! Wont
admit its their cuts that caused it. Do the math. How many were
furloughed and said screw it and didn't come back compared to the
amount of men on the streets doing time!

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Employed as: APE, for 10-20 years
Posted: 20 May 2019

Anyone have a contact of who makes those custom   Aluminum  Railroad


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Name: STRIKE@csx.com
E-mail: wildcatter@csx.com
Employed as: Corporate office, for N/A
Posted: 20 May 2019


The Power of Indifference to Obstacles

Turn the establishment upside down

Vote Republican

The Democrats will open the borders and you will be making minimum

I'm told that more than half of Union Pacific's stored locomotives
have unknown electrical issues...What happened?

Railroad CEO's income is now averaging $50,000,000,00 annually with
stock options...Thanks Hunter Harrison.

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Employed as: Engine repair, for 1-10 years
Posted: 19 May 2019

Need to have another lay-off soon. Huntington Locomotive Shop would be a
good place to start the next round. I was right about Russell.......

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Name: Area 51 drone Squadron
Employed as: Locomotive Engineer, for 10-20 years
Posted: 19 May 2019

If there are birds flying over head does the company need to provide you
with head protection also?

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Name: ownone
Employed as: Conductor, for 1-10 years
Posted: 18 May 2019


Before you post anymore idiotic info about drones do some more research
and make some more calls.  Drones are being used to film sporting events
overhead. They are being used to find lost hikers, etc. Your LC has
posted they can not fly over human beings. This would only be a rule
that was agreed upon by the FAA and your FRA. I doubt very seriously
that rule will be enforced.
The real reason for the use of drones is to make it easier for
supervisors to sit in their cars and spend less time walking out in the
field with the crews.
Lets use Avon yard as an example. Take the classification yard. You got
55 working class tracks. The bowl is full. A conductor is walking down
through the middle of the yard. There is no way in hell he can be
observed by the yard camera's in all spots. the only way a supervisor
can "Catch" him breaking a law is by getting out of his vehicle and
walking down into the yard. God for bid they would have to put on their
walking boots and get out there with the employee. It is much easier to
fly his drone over head and spy. In order to do this he would have to
fly over a human being. It would be the only way to get direct view of
what he is doing. There will be negotiated height restriction agreed
upon so this wont be a problem or the possibility of it hurting
Now take a look at your road switchers. Those who go into industries 
know that supervisors have to drive out there and park and walk into
the industry to observe you. Again it is much easier for them to sit in
their trucks where it is cool and fly over the job site. Again, no more
getting out and working one on one with your crews.  Just take your
pics, write up your charges and stay cool and dry.
Just remember, ALL Failures have to be addressed at the time they are
supposed to have been committed. Leaving without addressing the
criminal has been compared to leaving the scene of an accident. There
was a memo circulated about this procedure and all supervisors were
told they were to talk to and counsel the crew at the scene. Expect
more changes as the new regime rolls out the best way to utilize the
time of their supervisors. I sure hope all supervisors realize that by
doing this they don't need as many field supervisors which will in
turn cut their jobs.  Hope they all have their resumes polished!

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Employed as: Conductor, for 20-30 years
Posted: 18 May 2019


I just don't understand this company any more.  Everyone knows the
intimidation gig was set up and made worse after CSX took over Conrail.
 They hire a few Nazi Southern nut jobs (tony Ingram) to come in and
start the southern law.  There was a training program in place that was
supposed to be used to teach the supervisors how to stalk and identify
what they called target employees. It went into detail on how to keep
communications with each other on different divisions and post spy's
when their target was in their area. How do I know this? Because I read
the thing.
It was all in place because CSX was constantly competing with the NS
and other railroads for the Harriman (harassment)award.  After years of
never winning the gold we all assumed they finally gave up.  I believe
they still think they have a shot at being the top dog. It is the only
reason for any of this ridiculous stalking and intimidation of
employees. The other poster was right. There is not a high number of
injuries and equipment damage happening on a daily basis. The yard I
have worked in for the last 27 years has had 3 fatalities and they were
not all T&E. The amount of damage done by crew members is far less that
damage done by faulty equipment and tracks that are not maintained
properly. Bad switches, cross overs, support, etc. cause more
derailments in the yard than the men do. FACT! 
If you didn't know, the Harriman award is nothing more than a
prestigious pat on the back that is used to lure in investors. Awards
Create positive PR
Competitive differences
Effectiveness attracting and retaining top talent
Affirmation of excellence spurring further innovation and

Now you tell me why as far as I know that CSX has never won more than a
silver medal in this award. I might be wrong and missed something better
in one of the 4 groups they judge but it has been the NS that has won as
top dog and they did it 23 years in a row. 

You want pride and motivation in your teams and field employees? Give
them the respect they deserve. Pay them properly. Honor their union
agreements. Treat them like adults and not children. Talk to them with
respect. Don't use them as scapegoats to cover the supervisors
mistakes. If something isn't working out properly because it just cant
be done then hire supervisors who have the courage to tell the powers to
be in Jacksonville to deal with it. Be realistic. This isn't a perfect
world and mistakes will be made everyday. You don't need to stalk any
employee. You need to treat them respect and honor what you agreed upon
with all contracts. Convince them to love their company. Give them a
reason to want to win an award. You do that and the men who want to win
and take pride in their work will keep the ones who don't in line!  I
remember the day when my grand pappy could walk into the bank and get a
loan any time he wanted with just a handshake. Yeah he signed a
promissory note but no questions were asked. Now that's what an
industry should be about. 
The best quote I ever heard in my 27 years came right out of a
superintendents mouth!  He said  "You got to have derails. Stuff wears
out and things break down and people get tired but the biggest factor to
all of it is.......Sometimes what goes up must come down. Cars weighing
tons and tons just cant sit on that little piece of rail all the


Want to know more about this award? 
harthur@aar.org  202-639-2344Per

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Name: E
Employed as: Locomotive Engineer, for 20-30 years
Posted: 18 May 2019

I come to work and do my job.   I don't care if a TM is following me on
foot or by drone.  What can a TM do to me?  Nothing! That's what. 
I've been out here 26 years.   I've seen managers come and go.. Most
quit some are let go but I'm still here.   They can't take your
birthday away.  The intimidated employee is the one who gives these
managers power.    26 years I've come to the conclusion. That most
contract employees are veterans, tradesman and college grads. The
contract employees skills and education are greater than the lower
level managers who try To baby sit us.  Most lower level managers are
someone who wants to be in the middle of all the BS. Has no friends and
on their third marriage.  I don't even bother to ask their name and
never keep their phone number.  The new TM will be gone before we bid
on vacations.

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Name: Bull!!!!!
Employed as: APE, for 20-30 years
Posted: 17 May 2019


You are so full of bull!  Drones are nothing more than an intimidation
tool and you know it. They do not under any circumstance create safety.
They offer no productive or effective contribution.  Good walking stone.
Proper lighting. Repaired and safe equipment. Managers who do not rush
and intimidate for a pat on their backs. Providing good PPE. These are
just a few examples of promoting a safe working enviornment. Flying
your damn drones over your employees spying on them and having them
work in a constant state of fear in not only intimidating but down
right criminal. Why don't you just build guard towers in the yards.
Hire officers to follow and watch the employees every move. What this
company is doing is no better. Your full of shit if you deny you have
supervisors who make up and trump up bogus charges just to impress
their plantation masters down south. They will do the same thing with
their toy planes. They do nothing to promote safe work. They are only a
prop to instil fear. nothing more nothing less. People aren't going out
and getting hurt and tearing up equipment at an alarming rate. You have
no justification for your fear tactics. Your all scared to death to
just be nice and allow the employees to do their jobs on an honor
system. Everyone knows the tactic of instilling fear to rule. We and
the public are not stupid. Your not fooling anyone. Your little toy
planes are nothing more than a big joke.

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Name: Cornelius Vanderbilt
Employed as: Corporate office, for 30+ years
Posted: 17 May 2019

We are finding Drones are a valuable Tool that can help us reach our
ultimate goal of operating in an incident free environment and ensure
all our Valued employees go home safely.

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Employed as: Train Master/ supervisor, for Less than 1 year
Posted: 17 May 2019

Drones should not bother a safe worker following all the rules and
staying busy and productive ...period !!

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