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Name: loco
Employed as: Locomotive Engineer, for 20-30 years
Posted: 22 November 2020


The cold hard fact is they can not give 100% factual evidence on how
this virus is really spreading other than it is not really alive and it
doesn't mutate until it finds a host.  Yes, it can be sneezed or spit
out but it has to be inhaled in order to infect you. All you have to do
is google how a virus infects your body. This is why they constantly
change how they think it can infect others. The only thing they have
been constant on is not breathing it in!  This thing, that is not
really alive has an outer casing that once destroyed makes it useless.
That is why in my opinon, keeping your hands clean and cleaning stuff
around you is way more important than the mask. If you want to learn
more about it, while you are sitting on your butts google how a virus
is developed and how it replicates in the body. As for the CSX policy,
it is no different than any other big companies policy that wants it
people to come to work all the frickin time. They have and will
continue to come up with exceptions for the rules and bend the info to
keep workers coming in  Every industry across the nation knows now how
this virus spreads and how to cut it back. Keep your hands and crap
around you clean and DONT BREATH OR SNEEZE on anyone!  Just assume that
everyone is a carrier. People who get it and dont get sick are in better
health or their bodies just dont have the right environment for it to
attach to their cells and replicate. They are still trying to figure
out how this happens for some people and not others! What they need to
do is a full investigation of the railroad industry and find out why we
aren't falling out across the nation when we are stuck in cabs together
with the windows shut most of the time, share nasty cramped bathrooms
together, share radio mics and touch every thing in the cab that the
other person does. We ride in vans together and most of us dont wear
mask!  So how come it isnt rampant in our industry. My guess we are so
pickled with germs from day one and most of us have one hell of an
immune system and are tough from working in all kinds of weather
conditions. Freezing our arsses of in cold cabs and sweating in hot
ones. Same thing outside for the ground workers.  I think the exercise,
constant exposure to the outside and filth has a lot to do with it! God
knows the air filters in the locomotive cabs are worthless and we have
smelled that stench that comes off of hot side wall heaters. If the
virus is sitting on one of those when it comes on, there is no way in
hell it will survive that! It cant stick to greasy surfaces either.
That takes care of the walkways with oil on them. We wear gloves
outside most the time and they always have some kind of grease or oil
and dirt on them. So do the soles of our boots.  HELL! I think I just
figured out why we are not getting it!

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Name: Throw us a BONE
Employed as: Locomotive Engineer, for 10-20 years
Posted: 18 November 2020

WTF any chance of getting a bonus from CSX for working and not saying a
word or stopping the railroad. I guess we just get boned. Kinda expect
not getting anything from our GREAT  RAILROAD.

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Name: conductor
Employed as: Conductor, for 30+ years
Posted: 14 November 2020


How about reading that covid bulletin out.  The rule stating that any
one who MAY HAVE been infected but cleared to come back to work must
wear a mask while working unless they are eating or drinking!

Remember when you had to step in and put a stop to the sign on bonus
offered to new hires that stated if they didn't get hurt or report and
injury they would get a pay off?  Remember when you had to slap their
hands and order them to knock off the attempt to get new hires to keep
their mouth shut and not report just so they could get the $$$$!

Now, do your job!  If a person comes back with the CSX blessing then
they should be good enough to work like everyone else who is not
wearing a mask all the time. Social distancing does not exist on the
railroad!  People are not getting sick all the time. Enough with this
blown up bull crap and trumped up numbers from testing. Leave the
railroad industry alone!

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Name: conductor
Employed as: Conductor, for Less than 1 year
Posted: 13 November 2020


How funny is it they don't have the new bullshit covid notice 116 on
the tablet. Been out long enough to be on the tablet.  Touchy subject
since that rule 2009.24 is intimidating as hell.

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Name: HR
Employed as: Corporate office, for 1-10 years
Posted: 13 November 2020

New safety rule 2009.24

Employees who have been exposed to someone with a contagious
respiratory disease but are NOT SHOWING signs or symptoms and have been
cleared by CSX  medical department to continue working must wear a mask
Inside a locomotive cab, or
Inside a vehicle or;
With exception of briefly pulling the mask down to eat or drink.


This is an attempt to intimidate all employees from reporting any
exposure to suspected person's with the virus. Because of the fear of
having to wear a mask until further notice as stated by the verbage of
this notice, there will be many who will not report any instance of
exposure or possible self illness. This policy should be resended and
if not it should be forwarded to the proper legal authorities. This is
an attempt to intimidate and discourage everyone from being honest and
coming forward with information. The FRA should be reviewing this
policy and demanding a change in the rule. This is just an attempt to
limit mark off and shortages of employees due to virus reporting.

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Employed as: Train Master/ supervisor, for 1-10 years
Posted: 12 November 2020


Can't believe this company took away your safety tools in the name of
profit.Prior to the adoption of railroad brake tools a user would
generally have had to step within the gauge of the tracks and place
himself between cars to perform these operations.

Because the brake wheel is often mounted out of easy reach, without the
use of safety tools, an operator must step to the end of the car and
mount the ladder to operate the brake wheel, setting or releasing the
brake by hand (hence the name: hand-brake) of the rail car. Often, this
puts the operator between adjacent railcars. After setting or releasing
the handbrake, the operator must then descend the ladder and dismount
from the car.

The act of climbing the carís ladder also puts the operator at great
risk, as in wet conditions, an operator could fall from the upper rungs
of the ladder to the ground.

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Employed as: Conductor, for Less than 1 year
Posted: 12 November 2020

Men who are exposed to covid still must work and, haven't seen a pay
raise. This is a crock. Stop rushing us , a have a front line manager
actually appreciate our efforts instead of harnessing and intimidating.

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Employed as: Friend or family of employee, for Less than 1 year
Posted: 12 November 2020

Support a brother.


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Name: conductor
Employed as: Conductor, for 30+ years
Posted: 11 November 2020


After 10 months of not giving a rats ass about wearing mask and just
putting their concern on paper to look good to the public, CSX has a
new policy that states that T&E crews must wear a mask if unable to
stay 6 feet apart and may only remove it to eat or drink.  Now, lets
not forget about safety boys and girls. What are the crews supposed to
do when talking on radios for hours at a time flat switching or
communicating on noisy, static ridden radio's with dispatchers, yard
supervisors, work foreman or other road crews on trains? Guess you
better hope you don't have a camera somewhere that they can catch you
and charge you with a new violation!

Lets get to the real point of this whole new policy. 
TOO MANY PEOPLE CLAIMING COVID EXPOSURE and taking time off. This is no
more than attempt to put fear into anyone who might claim to have been
exposed while being at work around someone else who has claimed to have
been exposed to it. Fear that if you claim that you have been exposed
from a co worker, they will down load a camera if you were in a
locomotive with them or have a wagon drivers camera down loaded and see
if you had a mask on.  If you didn't you will be charged for violating
the new rule and will most likely be charged with a major offense and
may even be fired! 

Man power shortages have them in a bind. IF Biden does win and does get
away with shutting down the country again, CSX will see a repeat of what
happened before. Shipments will be cut again, crews will have to be laid
off and they will be back to square one. They already know that people
will do like they did before and not come back. After having the union
agreements raped, pay stolen, caps reduced and a attendance policy from
hell put in place, they got bit in the ass when they sent people
packing. They cant afford to have anyone off now taking 14 days to
quarantine. The cat was let out of the bag a long time ago. It was
posted on here and out in the public that railroaders were not wearing
mask and they were not getting sick. It was let out of the bag that
managers and other crafts were not wearing mask and separating and they
weren't falling out sick either.  SO WHY THE SUDDEN CONCERN???
The only logical reason is they are afraid it will turn into the same
thing that has happened with FMLA mark off. If they catch you without a
mask they are not going to say one word to you. They will make a note of
it and keep the info on file. If you never ask for time off to
quarantine, they are not going to say one word! If they actually
started charging employees for not wearing a mask and social distancing
they would lose over 3/4 of the work force in ALL CRAFTS! Not only that
but they would lose most of their field managers. This is just a smoke
and mirror legal show and a scare tactic in the making. It is way too
late to act like there is a real concern about the health and safety of
a workforce that has proven for over 10 months that the virus scare is
over blown!

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Name: Biden/Harris phoneys
Employed as: Locomotive Engineer, for 20-30 years
Posted: 11 November 2020

Are we gonna follow the Truckers:If we do its lights out for the
BROUGHT THE TRUCK. Fuck those idiot Liberals

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Name: Ceo
Employed as: APE, for Less than 1 year
Posted: 10 November 2020

Worked for intermodal for a week. Waited about a month from the time i
was hired to start. Bought a 150 dollar pair of boots. No sign on
bonus. Worked 6 days in intermodal. Could have probably got a job
anywhere with my safe driving record but chose this company. Flew some
guys down from georgia to train us. Half the applicants failed the drug
test. Was told i was in a union. Some phsycho truck driver startled me
while i was driving the yard horse. Typical intimidation horseplay
stuff. Was always told yard jockeys had the right of way. Csx worcester
is more or less a kiss ass operation . called in sick the next day they
called me later saying i wasnt working out due to forgetting to put my
seat belt on. (While im training. Distracted by the trainers you spent
so much money to train me) im training. Intermodal worker. Why is there
so much conflict. Would you work there when you could get a truck
driving job anywhere cuz of your safety record. No sign on bonus.why
these people are in power positions explains this post. Where is the
union. Csx sucks

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Name: FMLA
Employed as: Locomotive Engineer, for 20-30 years
Posted: 10 November 2020

So regardless of what co-workers think about folks using FMLA, CSX has a
obligation to allow use of granted FMLA use throughout the year without
interfering with, trying to restrain or intimidate into being afraid of
not using what it is for.

  With that being said, I recently spoke with a man in the G.C. office
last week and he strongly suggested I file a formal complaint with the
U.S. department of labor and contact a Attorney for legal advice.  To
be brief, I was sent a letter by CSX wrongfully accusing me of misusing
my approved FMLA in conjunction with rest days, D.V. and P.L. days. I do
not dispute I was doing this, but the days I used FMLA was for
documented Dr. appts. Note: pattern layoff on weekends was not a

  When a employee receives their FMLA approval letter for the allowed
number of mark offs for Dr. Appts, episodes that is your excuse folks.
No further verification should be needed until the annual renewal is
required. I was required to go to my Dr's and get notes for the days
in question, Fax this to the lady in the CSX FMLA dept. at this time
she forwarded this to the CSX chief Medical Officer who promptly
removed this from my record.

  This is unacceptable, just because CSX wants to get rid of all
Engineers and Conductor's and they don't have manpower to run trains
due to greed and incompetent management does not give them the right to
intimidate, bully and try to make it's employees to use FMLA. At the
end of the day, these are not good, decent people we work for and this
kind of abuse cannot be allowed to happen any further, If this has
happened to you file a complaint with the US dept. of labor, and by all
means contact a Attorney. I will personally be going after everyone
involved, CSX, lady in FMLA dept, and the company officer on the
certified letter.

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Name: Biden-Harris RIP USA
Employed as: APE, for 30+ years
Posted: 09 November 2020

The working man is screwed:

Amnesty for over 15 million undocumented, plus extended family 
(anchor families will add another 15 million), diluting the work force
will give more leverage to a already corrupt corporate America, and
more leverage to China. And China will invade Taiwan a day after creepy
Joe is sworn in.
Trump rebooted America to a position of international strength 
(he crossed China's Red Line by supporting a democracy and armed
and creepy Joe will surrender to China because he and his corrupt son,
the crack head, has already been compromised!

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Employed as: APE, for 10-20 years
Posted: 07 November 2020

Me, if all this was done under cover and a hush order was signed. How
are u so privileged that u know about it. I hear guys all this time
talking about things they donít know because supposedly they have a
inside track or know somebody that knows somebody. Thereís more rumors
at CSX than at a gossip magazine.

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Name: Me
Employed as: Locomotive Engineer, for 20-30 years
Posted: 07 November 2020

So CSX has naturally been trying to keep this Quiet for a long time. 
You folks wonder what happened to Jermaine Swafford? He was on his fast
lane to the top then all of the sudden he just disappeared.  

  Hunter Harrison use to degrade Mr. Swafford on conference calls and
intentionally call him Jerome amongst other things. Unbeknownst to Mr.
Harrison, Mr. Swafford was secretly recording all his conference calls
with Hunter and other managers. One day, Hunter had just finished his
daily belittling and ass chewing of his managers. Ole Hunter thought he
had hung up the phone, but he didn't. He proceeded to call Jeramine a
Nigger on a live line.

  Well, fast forward to CSX settling with Jermaine Swafford for
millions out of court and Jermaine signing a Hush order. Can't imagine
the financial damage that would have occurred had this got out to the
public and investors, after CSX had just signed Hunter to a 300 million
dollar deal.

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Employed as: APE, for 10-20 years
Posted: 06 November 2020


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Name: conductor
Employed as: Conductor, for 1-10 years
Posted: 06 November 2020

The gateway is publicity suck. Sponsors and trumped up media glory to
suck in investors and customers. Nothing more than a mental
manipulation shit show. We all know what really goes on in the field.
This site is the only place brothers can post the deal truth.

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Name: Ape
Employed as: APE, for 1-10 years
Posted: 05 November 2020

Has anyone ever noticed on the CSX gateway they never show any employees
under then at corporate office ceo cfo. No employees recognition only
about well someone got the hazmat award or addressing banks. But so to
say T&E employees are doing great is another story. When you take
everything away no recognition no nothing but letís keep moral up

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Name: conductor
Employed as: APE, for 20-30 years
Posted: 05 November 2020


Why isnt this out and people being told about it. The want to keep it
quiet. Look bad in th media. Might hurt the stock and their safety
awards. Just like when our brother died last month. They wouldn't
lower the flags half staff but When that piece of shit Hunter Harrison
died they ordered the flags lowered half staff. Where the hell did they
get off ordering that but when a hard working brother dies they don't
show one ounce of respect for us.  CSX is nothing but a piece of shit!

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Name: APE
Employed as: APE, for 10-20 years
Posted: 04 November 2020

Hello JP. This happend at Russell yard in Russell Ky. Darrin Liston was
the guy working the job with Jerry keating. Working y103 yard job west
end. He fell off a a car and yelled out call 911 engineer Jerry keating
ran back to see what happened found conductor with his legs laying in
his lap. It pinched his legs off one above one below the knee. He is in
the ICU on ventilator they removed some parts of his legs and he had
been out on IV for  pain. This is a very unforgiven business company
donít care itís hurry up run letís get the work done but be safe donít
tear nothing up donít get hurt!!!! Cut all you can FRA donít care cut
scrap and sale. Now with two person crews on the line any job they can
cut and add more work on they will. Itís all about cut scrap and sale.
Darin great guy 16 year employee prayers go out to him and his family.
This was posted on WSAZ news. Russell used to have two men on east end
jobs now cut to one switch both sides cut all the jobs possible they
can when it takes a man 12 years to hold a job itís cut to the bone
thank you corporate for doing more with less it proves itís not about
safety but wall street and your stock while you get record breaking
profits people have died losing body parts getting hurt for what to
save a dollar they donít want there money they want Employees money cut
scrap sale fight for claims to get paid FRA donít care no one does.
Donít mean to grip but this railroad has turns to shit. No thanks
awards no safety cookouts or year of service awards no face to face
meetings about rule classes man power shortages! Letís cut all we can
sale all we can no one cares but I canít think why the employee moral
is down!!! Only one to profit is wall street. No engineer bonuses no
nothing. Just work but donít take a nap even when you have some
management ride with you down the road and they sleep under the camera
we issue rules that they canít abide by but we expect you too. Funny
how they have cameras in the cab and we are monitorerrd 24/7 but no one
else has cameras trainmasters MOW service center no where but T&E all
have cameras Railcrew vans crew rooms cabs of locomotives yards all
cameras. We must be the best looking group since we are the only ones
needs spide on. Even drones best wishes again and prayers for him and
his family

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