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Name: Finance Dept
Employed as: Corporate office, for 1-10 years
Posted: 09 June 2018


It is done to shift the expense accounts around.  Everyone is well
aware of what they are doing. So does the labor relations department.
Agreements for engineers are very clear that a through freight road
engineers can be called to do more than one class of road service in a
single tour of duty but they must be paid at the highest rate  of the
class they worked. The Chief will have crew management put in a ticket
claiming that the crew is working a local switcher job when in fact
they are not. The great lakes division is notorious for this. When
dragging in an outlawed through freight road train (ex. Q123) they are
supposed to use the symbol Q123R to identify that the train is in fact
a through freight road train. The tickets and profile will be put in as
J100/200/300 etc.  etc.  When it goes through pay it will be identified
as funds coming out of local financing. They will even go as far as
identifying the train profile as coming from a completely different
division. Many crews have called and asked payroll department personnel
why is it that their train is profiled as being re crewed on a totally
different division by a local job that isn't within a hundred miles of
where they are getting on the train. Its all for budget purposes. They
are shifting the money around. It will help balance out the division
expense accounts. As long as the crews are getting paid what their
unions have agreed upon it should be of no concern to them but many do
not like the false information being noted on their pay tickets and on
the profile of their trains. That is understandable.  Ethical behavior
is supposed to be the corner stone of our business. This kind of "Book
keeping" is shady and a horrible example of ethics.  You can be assured
that Foote and his financial officer are well aware of the tactics.  Its
all for show and balances out the division budgets. If one  division is
having more trouble than another scratching each others backs pays off
in the long run.

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