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Employed as: Crew Dispatcher, for 20-30 years
Posted: 08 June 2018


Can anyone explain how on gods green earth that T&E supervisors can
outright falsify information on trains that are being recrewed???  How
can they order information on time tickets, Deadhead tickets, train
profiles, job profiles, crew on duty and off duty as well as turn
points and origination and destination points to be entered in the
system with outright bogus information that is nothing more than
unethical lies!
I have never seen so many pieces of legal documents put out with
information that is just so untrue it isn't even laughable. Does the
FRA care about any of this? Does Foote and upper management care about
this? Are these supervisors so gullible that they think they can hide
the true information on all these trains and crews? It wouldn't take
one week for anyone in Jacksonville to be able to trace these trains
and the crews who worked them. The PTI service can provide GPS
information as to where their wagons traveled with the crews. Even the
information on the crew web is coming out as falsified. Anyone can
print this information off and keep it. It can be sent to the stock
holders and others who are investing in this company. What the heck is
going on???  Is everyone in this company just gone mad or has the
ethics and lying become so normal that no one knows how to tell the
truth.  I just don't understand it. Something is totally wrong here. 
What is the purpose of all this lying and covering up of trains and
their true travel times?

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