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Posted: 15 July 2017

you northern whiners keep complaining and will add to your own demise if
you don't straighten up and be railroaders. Here is how this works.
Things get screwed up and you complain, and contribute to the problem
merilly. Business gets lost and more cuts come as a result. You are
playing against Harrison and he never loses. Nothing is constant but
change. Stand up or be gone, simple as that. BTW, this always happens
initially when Harrison takes over an operation. Don't take the good
railroaders down with your piss poor attitudes. Face reality. For those
who survive him, you will make more $, be home more often, and
eventually be better railroaders. I paid dues for 30+ years and the
union can't do anything for you because of corporate power. It is
today's business environment for all unions. Trust me, Harrison would
love it if you went on strike, as would wall street. Just set up the
pickets, but please stop complaining.

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