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Employed as: Engine repair, for 10-20 years
Posted: 16 May 2018

I was the target of a bunch of Generation X CEO,s who know  nothing of
how to operate a business.  They are more concerned with stuffing their
pockets rather than work with the workers who do their job. After I turn
60 they treated me like was something from hell. I am not surprised.
They did everything to me to force me into a corner and stab me in the
back and out the door. The generation X brats (under 55) running the
company have no respect for anybody but themselves. This explains why
CSX is such turmoil, When the previous generation ran it was slightly
better place to be. The was not as bad to work with at least they
respected for their work ethics. If had been three years older I would
made my out at 65.  I feel bad for the younger guys who have wives,
children, homes and Pick-Up trucks they are going to hurt if they get
booted out. The hand writing is on the wall for most employees stand by
for the big ram unless your the bosses boy looks they are going out.
this looks like the picture for the poor working fool.  The Gen X Me
kids whine and cry like a bunch of 5 year olds when something happens
complete with runny noses. The upper management need to grow up and be
responsible adults like there grand parents. Remember CSX will go down
the same track as Penn Central if do not know this read your history,
Penn Central went tits up

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