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Name: MayIhaveAnother
Employed as: Locomotive Engineer, for 20-30 years
Posted: 10 January 2018

Im attending a dog and pony show at 1330.  Part of me wants to be put
back in.  The more I sit around beating my meat.  The more I realize I
don't give a rip.  I've been out since the 2nd. CSX owes me roughly
about 2700.  So do I really want to be working when  I can sit here
watching Oprah scratching my ass. 
Day 1 called LC
Day 2 scared
Day 3 nervous
Day 4 jacked off a couple times
Day 5 binged on Netflix 
Day 6 ordered pizza continued my Netflix binge
Day 7 woke up rubbed one off thinkin I can get use to this stayed up
late playing video games called an old fling rubbed one off
Day 8 woke up rubbed one off laughed at Fox News rubbed one off
watching the blonde
Day 9 called LC wanting to postpone this hearing no such luck I'm
going to take a shower and rubb one off will give updates later.

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