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Employed as: Conductor, for 1-10 years
Posted: 11 February 2020


Trump and republicans at it again.  Going after pension funds. Raising
tax rates. Stealing more money. It bad enough the crook took 90% of our
deductions away but now the thief wants more of our retirement funds.
Get this crook out of the white house!  Before you run your mouths
about how good he and his republican crooks are look at your pay
checks. Raising standard deductions DID NOT put enough money in your
pockets to off set the loss. The money you brought home was only a
third of a deduction. It was all a lie. I did my math. The crap I had
to buy out of my pocket and crap I had to pay for because of this
company is now lining trumps over paid staff. Now this liar wants to
take more social security benefits away from my GRANDMA and GRANDPA!  

Read the latest issue of your smart magazine. Read pages 4-7! Read the
facts. Call the number listed and tell your senator HELL NO! No more
taxes on pension funds.  No more stealing from senior citizens.

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