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Name: Ceo
Employed as: APE, for Less than 1 year
Posted: 10 November 2020

Worked for intermodal for a week. Waited about a month from the time i
was hired to start. Bought a 150 dollar pair of boots. No sign on
bonus. Worked 6 days in intermodal. Could have probably got a job
anywhere with my safe driving record but chose this company. Flew some
guys down from georgia to train us. Half the applicants failed the drug
test. Was told i was in a union. Some phsycho truck driver startled me
while i was driving the yard horse. Typical intimidation horseplay
stuff. Was always told yard jockeys had the right of way. Csx worcester
is more or less a kiss ass operation . called in sick the next day they
called me later saying i wasnt working out due to forgetting to put my
seat belt on. (While im training. Distracted by the trainers you spent
so much money to train me) im training. Intermodal worker. Why is there
so much conflict. Would you work there when you could get a truck
driving job anywhere cuz of your safety record. No sign on bonus.why
these people are in power positions explains this post. Where is the
union. Csx sucks

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