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Name: Curious
Employed as: APE, for 1-10 years
Posted: 09 June 2018


Just wondering how they balance the budget when the train they have
lied about details or comes apart and the have to call out block trucks
or rerailers?  When they lie on the time tickets and train profile and
put the trains location in a different division how do they deduct from
those departments without them raising hell? They know the never came
out and did the work. If the train is an ethanol or key train with
alert card how do they explain that if it is all over the ground?
Can't cover that up. Does FRA not have any laws on proper and legit
reporting of trains? I've seen it on my time tickets too when they put
me on fake local Jjob tickets. Isn't this illegal reporting of
information on a legal document? I though FRA was supposed to know the
true locations of trains and crews.

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